no-photo friday

So the doctor’s appointment went well – it was an ophthamology appt for Y, ’cause his eyeballs appear to be of different sizes, and one of them has had discharge on and off for about 4 or 5 months. Apparently the eye size thing is ok, he has different sized fissures, which is pretty rare, but no problem. The doc thinks he has a stenotic nasolacrimal duct (which I’m pretty sure translates into blocked tear duct), but given his age (most blocked tear ducts resolve by 1 year), and the fact that he didn’t start having problems until a few months ago (although I’m pretty sure he did have a blocked tear duct as a baby), surgery is an option if that’s how we want to play it. Obviously we won’t do anything like that until we get back to England, where I don’t know if we even have an ophthamologist at the base, much less one who specializes in pediatrics.

Since the doctor was so nice, and kids are supposed to be checked by an ophthamologist 3 times by the age of 4, and mine have never been to an eye doctor before now, I went ahead and made O an appointment for a week and a half from now. Of course, now that I look at him, HIS eyeballs appear to be different sizes as well. Trying not to worry, trying not to worry, trying not to worry. Aren’t y’all all grateful that you don’t have to live with me and my crazy? (Hunky, you should pipe up at this point and state how easy I am to live with).

Since I still haven’t packed or done anything else towards getting ready to go to Florida, and since the kids have been low on sleep going on 3 days now, we’ll get on the road tomorrow. My sister arrives home from college for spring break today, so we’re all excited to see her (although I’m not sure where she’s gonna sleep tonight, as I am currently sleeping in her bed 🙂 ).

That’s about all I got: thank you so much to anyone who said a prayer for Y today. I still haven’t heard anything from the adoption agency – oohhh, they’re gonna be in trou-ble if they don’t get back to me before the weekend.

Oh, and I promise at some point I will upload all the pics on my camera to my parent’s computer. This blog hasn’t had pictures for too long now. Although, ahem, Hunky has his laptop with him, with all of our pictures, right, Hunky. He also hasn’t written in a while, I believe. Maybe he could share some cute pics with us, along with how much fun he’s having in New Mexico.


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