ho hum

random thoughts for the day:

  • feeling very much discouraged about the adoption
  • have written agency re: discouragement and re: plea for information
  • no reply from agency today – leaving me feeling even more discouraged
  • have doctor’s appt tomorrow for Y: prayers are much appreciated
  • said Dr’s appt is at 7:45, with a show time of 7:30, in downtown Jackson
  • Holy Alarm Clocks, Batman – this means we have to leave the house before 7 IN THE MORNING
  • must go to sleep soon so can wake up before 6
  • man, I am the opposite of a morning person
  • got Y the cutest Robeez shoes today – they make one’s with treads now, you know
  • I love the shoes because they’re brightly colored – this is hard to find for boys
  • if all goes well at Dr tomorrow, am planning to leave for Florida either tomorrow afternoon or Saturday
  • Saturday is looking more likely, as I haven’t packed
  • or made a rental car reservation
  • or told the people we’re staying with we’ll be arriving (Hey Beth – we’re hoping to stay with y’all on Tuesday and Wednesday night, if that’s ok??? And I have lost your phone number – can you email me with it?)
  • my mom bought the kids their Easter outfits today – I’m hoping to get pics made sometime before we go back to England
  • I’m pretty excited that their Easter outfits involve shorts. Last year’s Easter pics show the boys wearing sweaters with shirts underneath
  • must download pictures to computer before Florida – my camera is out of memory space and batteries
  • for any of you that are from FL and reading this: I can’t wait to see you guys!!!
  • Britta, if you read this – we were so psyched to see y’all last weekend. It means so much that y’all took time out to come and visit us in Albuquerque (although I know the mall was a big part of the draw, at least for Devynn 🙂 ). We love you!
  • must go to bed
  • BUT, I have to mention that O said his first cuss word today – I was irritated about something this morning and said something I shouldn’t have. An hour later I was watching the boys play in the backyard, along with Bruiser, my parent’s rottweiler. I hear O yell, “Dammit, Bruiser!” When I told him that wasn’t a very nice word to use, and that mama shouldn’t say it either, he told me that he only said it ’cause Bruiser was bothering him so much. At least he understands how to use the word correctly. And if there was ever a dog that needed cussing every now and again, it’s Bruiser for sure
  • Mike’s advice for the day: you know, Lauren, he probably won’t stop saying words like that if you keep telling everyone how funny he was being. Me: whatever (with gigantic eye roll)
  • ok, am going to bed now

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  1. This pretty clearly shows me to be pathologically unfit for parenthood, but I’m really kind of looking forward to Lucy’s first curse word! Wishing you good luck with…well, everything.

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