blankets for babies

Today is our last full day in New Mexico. Which is sad, because we’ve really enjoyed being here, and we really don’t want to leave Hunky. But also has a bright side, which is that as of tomorrow night, I should be able to have internet access again. Yay!

Today is Hunky’s birthday, so although he’s already gotten his real present (picked out at Best Buy by Hunky after ONLY 3 HOURS of browsing in that store), I want to go and get him a little something fun from the kids. What that might be, I have no idea. Hunky is WICKED HARD to shop for. I know he would really like to have a Wii, but it just doesn’t make any sense for us right now, with our kids being so young and the different voltage situation in England. I know he’d like to have a GPS for the car, but again with the not making a lot of sense for us, since we would need European maps. He ended up picking out a bluetooth headset for his cell phone, which is cool, but just not very much fun. He is always so practical, I just want to get him something totally frivolous that he’ll really just enjoy. Frap – we’ll figure out something.

Anyhow, what I wanted to do with this post was link to VVAI, where they have a plea from Ethica up. I’m going to ask Hunky tonight about contributing, and I’d like it if y’all would at least think about it.

Lastly, there has been no news about referrals from our agency. I’m becoming increasingly frustrated (remember, there have been NO referrals from our agency since August) and worried about if we’ll be able to complete this adoption. The word on the street is that the current form of the MOU will not be resigned (not really a surprise, but certainly not good for pending adoptions), and given the bureaucracy of any governments, I have no hope that a new agreement will be reached for quite some time. The only thing we can do is keep praying and asking everyone we know to pray too.



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2 responses to “blankets for babies

  1. Beth

    Let me know when you get back to the South!

  2. hunky

    I love it that there is at least one store in the world where I want to spend more time than Ren.

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