from Vegas

Hi y’all…have you missed me? Because I’ve missed you guys – big time. Its hard not having easy access to the internet.

So I’ve been in Vegas since Friday with the kids. Hunky joined us on Friday, along with his parents, and one of his brothers and his family. On Saturday, another brother arrived with his boys. So it was kind of like a mini-family reunion, minus one brother. Alas, on Monday Hunky and one brother left, and the other brother left early this morning. So we’re down to me, the kids, and Hunky’s parents, who are very kindly watching the boys while I go to class. All. Day. Long. (More about that in a minute). O and Y had an absolute blast playing with their cousins, and, since yesterday, O has been telling me that he wants to go to Iowa to see them (obviously he doesn’t know how COLD it is there).

Anyway, more about the conference: I’m relearning lots of good stuff, but man, these long days are a killer. I went to a vet school with a problem-based learning curriculum, so before we got into clinical rotations, I rarely spent more than 4 hours a day in class, which suited my learing style perfectly.  I’m doing 9 hours worth of classes a day here, so all this sitting on my patootie is getting to me. And, it’s lonely. Vet school was fun – hanging out with friends, whispering during lectures, going out at night, etc. Here, I don’t know anybody but my kids and my inlaws. Its not  nearly as much fun to go to class if you don’t have anyone to whisper to. I guess having fun isn’t really the point.

So here’s what I think about Vegas: ummm, not a big fan. This town is tacky, y’all. And I’m from the South – I know tacky. But more than that – this town is SUPER EXPENSIVE. At least on The Strip, which is the only place I’ve been, since we have no car.

Here’s my hotel comparison: we are staying at the Excaliber, which was offering the cheapest rooms in connection with the conference. Our rate for Friday and Saturday night was $183/night. Starting on Sunday night, the room is only $88/per night (with conference discount). Here’s what you get for that: close to nothing. 20 channels on the tv, 3 of which are constant advertisments for Vegas attractions. No breakfast, no mini-fridge, $12/day for internet access, no washing machines or dryers. Also a very smoky casino which you have to troop through anytime you want to leave the hotel.

Lets compare this to my recent stay at a Quality Inn, close to Knoxville TN, on our way to MS from Delaware. Our fare (with a military discount) was $39.99. With free internet access. And a mini-fridge. And free continental breakfast. And 100 channels on the TV. I’m willing to bet they had washers and dryers too. AND they were only 25 minutes away from Gatlinburg, which is one of the best places I’ve ever been to.

So Vegas isn’t really my favorite. I’d much rather be a conference at Sand Destin or something, where things are still expensive, but it’s low key and kid friendly and smoke free inside.

BUT: the cool thing is that we are only 2 days away from seeing Hunky in Albuquerque, and if this conference was in the South or on the East Coast, Hunky and his family wouldn’t have been able to come. So that makes this overpriced, flashy town worth coming to. And this is the biggest vet conference in the world (they claim), meaning that I can get all the CE I need for 2 years in 4 days. This was the only conference that could offer that while we were in America. And apparently I got the job back in England, so those CE credits are kind of necessary (you know, if I care about practicing legally).

So starting on Friday, I’ll have regular internet access again. See you then!

Ooohh. oohh! I almost forgot – Hunky’s birthday is coming up in early March. What should I get him? What do you people get your husbands? *note to Hunky – don’t read the comments for this post, although you should feel free to post at any time. Especially if you want to write a post about what you’d like for your birthday.



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4 responses to “from Vegas

  1. ladybugsmama

    DH got a job offer in Vegas–I was very relieved it didn’t work out.
    Glad you are knocking out those classes, hope the time passes quickly.

  2. Berd

    Yes, we miss you down here in the South. It’s very quiet at the house. Hope you’re learning alot.
    Give O and Y a big kiss. Mom

  3. Beth

    Vegas is an experience NOT to be shared with young children. I went when I was 21 and had a blast. Went again a few years later and had an awesome time. But it’s definitely not something I would do with kids, or while taking classes.
    As far as a gift for a hubby….I always get Steve specialty beers. He’s a sucker for a good beer. 🙂 Oh, and I get him ties now that he has to wear them everyday.

  4. Jeannie

    Yes we’ve missed you! Glad Vegas worked out to be a good family get together place, and it sounds like your trip to the States is going to be the perfect chance to see everyone here who loves and misses you! Only a few more weeks and I get my turn 🙂

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