Note to self

Must. Stop. Shopping.

But its sooo hard! We went to the mall today. Where they have a Stride Rite. Where the shoes are awfully expensive for little boys whose feet grow really fast, but which is about half the amount of Clarks shoes for little boys in England. Where they have a Build-A-Bear, and who can resist 2 little boys who want to make their own turtles and puppies, and dress them up as astronauts and wizards?

But the madness must stop. The boys now have all the t-shirts they will need for the next 9 months. They each have one more pair of shoes, bringing their grand total of shoes that fit to 2 pairs apiece, not counting wellies. I have acquired several pairs of pants, several new waffle shirts to layer under other shirts, and two cheap pairs of shoes. I have new underwear and socks. We have a new, I-really-really-hope-it-fits-in-our-minivan-back-in-England Britax Regent car seat. And a turtle dressed as an astronaut and a puppy dressed as a wizard.

Apart from a few odds and ends, there’s nothing else we need. I really wanted to look at the restaurant-style white plates at Williams-Sonoma, because I really want some simple but sturdy and good sized white dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls (but no coffee cups or mugs), and they look good on the website but who knows about in real life. Alas, at the store today, they told me those are only available on-line. If anyone knows where I can get those sort of plates and bowls for not-so-much-money, and that will ship them to an APO address, please let me know. Or if you know the Williams-Sonoma ones I’m talking about, or the same kinds of ones from Pottery Barn, please tell me how you like them.

OMGosh, how shallow and materialistic is this post? Pathetic.

On a different note, how do y’all like the new look of the blog? Stupid or…not? I can change the colors around at will…I don’t know, I just wanted something different. How I wish I had mad graphic design skillz. Instead, I rely on WordPress’ 5 pages of themes. Okay, again with the not important.

I’ll end with something that actually means something. Have y’all checked out this post at VVAI, about Ethica’s Operation Identity? No? Well, you should, and read all the comments too. Its so amazing to me how people could be against this project.



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6 responses to “Note to self

  1. Christy

    I was also looking for said white plates last year. I went to IKEA and got 2 sets of 6 plates, 6 salad plates and 6 huge bowls for about $30.00/set. Yes, you read correctly. I absolutely love them. They are not as heavy as W&S but at a fraction of the price. They have withstood a 4 y/o using them. If you are interested in the line I have just email me. You can have the IKEA catalog mailed to you.

  2. lauren

    The ikea idea is a good one – the only drawback is that they won’t ship to APO addresses. I’m afraid to have them shipped to my parents house, then mail them myself to our address in England, because if they break, I can’t return them. We have an ikea about 1 1/2 hours from our house in England, but of course, we pay in pounds over there.

  3. Beth

    Glad to hear you found some pants! Oh, and we can go to the Stride Rite outlet when you get here…I always get Logan’s shoes there for $20.

  4. Long time “no see” Ren! I love retail therapy! I have been trying to limit myself to small things until we know more about what is going on in VN. I’m not very successful. I’m going to try to do better at staying current on your blog. I have unfortunately been dealing with my dad’s cancer and other family issues. See ya around!

  5. ladybugsmama

    What about Crate and Barrel? I am ready to trade out those blue/yellow/green plastes from Williams Sonoma that everybody who got married around the time we did has. I am stuck with them for awhile, but will going for white when the time comes.

  6. I like the new blog; can’t go wrong with green and the links are much easier to see in this version than in your prior. Glad you’re enjoying your trip.

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