what we’ve been up to so far

Let me give y’all the rundown:

Saturday: I go to get my hair cut and colored, my parents take the boys to the zoo. And hey, a year’s family pass to the Jackson Zoo is $45. How cheap is that?? Have I mentioned that I wish we could live here always? I have? Oh, okay…

Sunday: We drive to Meridian, MS to visit my granddaddy (my dad’s dad) and my meme (my mom’s mom). Hopefully I’ve rigged it so my granddaddy can read the blog now – Hey granddaddy! The boys were super excited for the 2 hour trip, due to the fact that my dad’s car has a built in DVD player. They think his SUV is the coolest car ever, and I think its pretty nifty myself, but alas, my environmental guilt won’t ever let me have a Tahoe. And our financial beliefs won’t ever let us have a brand new one like my dads (his is a company car). Plus, since we’ve recently determined what a bad driver I am, I can only imagine the damage I’d do in a huge tank like that. Still, a girl can dream.

Today: I took the kids to the rental car place to pick up the stroller that I stupidly left in the rental car, then we went shopping. After lunch, we visited some old friends and went to the awesome city playground by my parent’s house. Have I mentioned that its been sunny and near 70 degrees every day? And that I may have to be dragged kicking screaming back to England?

We are having a ball. If only Hunky were here…but he visited his brother and nephews in Cheyenne (that doesn’t look like I spelled it right) WY, so life’s not too bad for him either. I think so far his class in New Mexico is taking about 3 hours a day. Maybe he can write a post about what he does with the rest of his time, since I know HE’S not out shopping (and thank goodness for that – our bank account can only handle one shopper). 



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3 responses to “what we’ve been up to so far

  1. Christy

    Glad to see that ya’ll are having such a fun time.

  2. Beth

    It’s been sooo nice here in the South!! I hope it stays warm and sunny for you!

  3. Meridian?
    That’s close to Chunky, right?
    I have family in Jackson and Chunky and Meridian(I think)

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