I bet you wish you could see a photo

It being Friday and all. Well, sorry folks – I was going to try to post a picture of my parents’ dog Bruiser, who normally competes with Kodi for the baddest dog award, but I can’t figure out where my parents keep their photos on their computer.

Normally I wouldn’t waste space with a picture of Bruiser, because he is one seriously annoying dog. He was originally my brother’s dog, given to him by his ex-girlfriend (because dogs are always good gifts to give your boyfriend when he is in college, living with 3 other guys in a no-pets-allowed apartment), and he reminds me of my brother when we were growing up in so many ways. He just always has to be messing with somebody. ALWAYS.

Have I mentioned that Bruiser is a rottweiler? And that he weighs a good bit more than both of my kids put together? This makes the annoying aspect of him even more annoying, because while he thinks that he’s playing and having a good time, he’s knocking down Y all over the place.

ANYWAY…like I said, normally I wouldn’t waste time writing about Bruiser. But he gets a gold star for today, because it is because of Bruiser that O is asleep in a bed without me. See, O is going through a major I’m-scared-of-anything-and-everything-phase right now. Especially scared to go to bed without Hunky or me with him. We still mostly make him do it, but it involves a looonnnggg talk about how God will protect him, what exactly is he afraid of, searching underneath the beds and in the closet with flashlights to make sure no monsters are there, etc.

So last night we go through the whole thing. I explain that God will be protecting him from the monsters even though there’s no such thing as monsters. I say that I will be protecting him and Y, and that Berd and Grandaddy will be guarding the house too. I happen to add that Bruiser will also be on the nightwatch, and that he will be sleeping right outside the boys’ room (this is true) so that no monsters will get in. Adding the part about the dogs protecting him has never made a difference in England (maybe O realizes that our dogs would totally let anybody in our house without a fight, mostly because they wouldn’t even wake up), but I figure I’d add the Bruiser part in.

Fast foward to tonight (you: THANK YOU), and O starts in about wanting to sleep with me because he’s scared. I tell him, hey, didn’t Bruiser protect you last night. O thinks about it, nods yes. I tell him that Bruiser is ready for duty again tonight. O asks will Bruiser still be sleeping right outside their door? I say yes. And O lays his head down and says goodnight.

So thanks Bruiser (even though I know the only reason he sleeps outside that door is because the room the boys are in is my brother’s old room, and Bruiser likes to sleep on that bed whenever he has a chance. If that door were open, Bruiser would be on the bed, even if it meant suffocating my children in the process).

I am not believing I just wrote a long post about Bruiser. That probably won’t ever happen again.

In other news, the kids continue to get up for the day at about 5 am, I’ve been to Babies R Us twice, Target only once. And tomorrow I’m going to get my hair cut and colored at my mom and sister’s fancy schmancy place. I’ve never had my hair colored before – this could be interesting.

Nothing new on the adoption front, being that Vietnam is pretty much shut down this week and next for Tet. Its a cool holiday, but I cannot wait for it to be over. Supposedly some referrals should be coming soon after things open again. Of course, I’m trying not to get my hopes up, since we were supposed to see referrals in December and January, but a girl can dream, right?


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