a few thoughts on america

So the kids and I arrived in Delaware on Sunday afternoon. We spent the night at the base, then set out on Monday morning for Mississippi. We got here Tuesday afternoon. I’m still pretty wiped out, mostly because the kids are still getting up at 4 am, but my mom is taking off of work tomorrow, so I’m really really hoping that I can catch up on some sleep. Here are some of my thoughts so far on being back in America:

 – Target is as good as I remembered. Haven’t been to Walmart yet – who needs to when there’s Target?

– Delaware is a LONG way from Mississippi: 17 1/2 hours, in fact.

 – Did you know that Delaware is really pretty close to DC, New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore? Now you do.

 – Super Tuesday is a good day to travel in the car…especially when your Hertz rental car has XM radio, so no searching for new stations.

 – I heart Hertz – their rate was half of what Avis quoted me, and the guys there were sooo nice. Seriously – they packed up the car with all of our stuff, they installed our crappy DVD player, they didn’t appear to mind that my kids were literally wrestling with each other in their office, and they gave me good directions to get out of Dover, Delaware.

 – Gas in America is a lot more expensive than I thought it was. We pay over $3 per gallon at the base, and English people pay the equivalent of over $8 per gallon, but geez louise, I didn’t realize it had gotten so high.

 – Have y’all seen Jon and Kate plus Eight on TLC? I caught it in the hotel room the other night, and I was entertained, but is it just me or is her husband kind of a jerk?

 – The people in Mississippi are every bit as friendly as ever. I so wish I could live here. And I have missed the Southern accent so much.

 – The people in Delaware that I met were not as friendly as the people of MS – with the exception of the Hertz guys, who were super nice. I’m just saying – I’m a big fan of the South.

 – If anyone is reading this who is from Delaware, I’m sure that YOU are every bit as nice as the average Mississippian.

 – Oh, and I’ve never really been to the West (except Albuquerque) and never ever to the Northwest or Northeast, so I have no idea if the people there are generally pretty nice or not. At least a third of the blogs I read are from people based in the Northwest, and THEY all are super rad people.

 – Ahhh, I’ve probably really offended some people here now. Crap – I’m sorry. But Mississippi is my favorite, and I don’t think you can change my mind.

 – Sushi – I have missed you so. I think I will eat you every day while I’m in America.

That’s about it – my brain is still fried. I am soooo grateful to God that we made it here safely, especially with the storms that passed through Tennessee a few short hours after we left the state. I am also so thankful that the boys were real troopers in the car, even when the DVD player stopped working and I made them listen to Fox news for 4 hours.

Ooooohh, which reminds me, I so have something to say about the republican race, but must go to bed now. Maybe tomorrow.



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4 responses to “a few thoughts on america

  1. Beth

    Woo hoo!! You’re back in the US!! I’m so glad to hear you made it safe and sound. Hope you catch up on your sleep soon.
    I agree southerners are super nice people. I’m a little bias about the people in Oklahoma….they’re about the nicest people you’ll meet. Southern hospitality is the best.

    I lived in the Northwest. Seattle. People aren’t completely rude up there. I actually have a few very close friends who were born and raised in the Northwest. But their idea of hospitality is MUCH different there. They aren’t rude….but sometimes a little apathetic, especially when it comes to customer service. We were usually even afraid to ask for ketchup at a restaurant for fear of getting spit in our food…..
    Hopefully I haven’t offended anyone. By the way, I miss the Northwest. Such a beautiful place to live!
    Ren, call me, email me, something! When are you coming to FL?

  2. Christy

    Glad you and the kids made it safely to MS. I totally agree with you about Mississippians. I married one. MS gets a bad rap. Enjoy your time in the States.

  3. Jeannie

    I cannot believe you drove all that way!! You are a superhero. I so wish you could have stayed here, but now I’m sick, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to have the boys around us sickies.

    I’m still boggling at the fact that you drove 17 hours with 2 kids. I know you broke it up into days but still, I am in awe.

    Fox news is enough to torture anyone….

    Sorry, had to get that one in 🙂


  4. Jon and Kate drove 19 hours with 8 kids! I am obsessed with that show. 🙂 If she can manage with 8, I can manage with one. Can’t wait to see you guys in 2 weeks. Yay!

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