sorry charlie

To all of you who live for those favorite photo Friday posts, you’ll just have a find another reason to live tomorrow. If all goes well, the kids and I will be on a flight to Panama City. As I’m sure you all know, that’s a whole heck of a lot closer to where we want to visit in Florida, and closer to my parents house too. Hopefully the weather will cooperate – today no planes flew because it was too windy. Tonight snow is expected. So we’ll see. If you do see a favorite photo Friday post tomorrow, it’ll be because we couldn’t go, and I’ll be in a not at all good mood.

Before I head off to pack, I thought I’d give you an update on Y and the adoption.

Y’s cha-chas have cleared up nicely, although he remains pretty crabby. I took him into the Doctor yesterday, voiced my concerns, mentioned that I am a crazy worrier when it comes to my kids’ health, and he thinks he’s probably fine. Of course, if he gets worse, bring him back in in 2 weeks. I guess he missed the part where I told him we’d be in America for the next 2 months, but whatever. So we could still use your prayers for him, as well as for me and O as we attempt to make this trip.

In adoption news, I got nada. Hopefully there will be some referrals after Tet, but of course there are no guarantees. Our agency has confirmed that we are #3 for a boy, so hopefully that will mean that we can receive a referral and travel before this whole MOU thing would be an issue, but hey, that’s another thing y’all can be praying for. Our agency has not had any referrals since August, so needless to say, we’re getting a little antsy. I know that if it is God’s Will that we adopt a child, it will be the right child at the right time. Selfishly, I just want the right time to be soon!

I am really hoping that this trip will allow me to put the whole adoption thing on the backburner of my mind for now. Here in the dead of winter in dark, dreary England, its easy to spend way too much time and energy thinking about adoption, checking blogs about adoption, checking yahoo adoption groups, etc. In America there will be good friends to visit, family to enjoy, shopping, restaurants (have I mentioned that I’m looking forward to this trip?).

So hopefully this blog will be quiet for a week or so (although maybe I’ll try to get Hunky to post before he leaves too), but I’ll be back soon!


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  1. Beth

    Let me know if you need a place to crash! Did you get my email?

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