Tail-wagging Tuesday – the cats and other stuff

I think I’ve done one post each about the dogs, so here’s one for all you cat lovers out there:

A Day In The Life Of Our Cats, Mousa and Ernie:

6am-4pm: Sleep, interrupted only by having to switch rooms due to presence of annoying small humans (ie, the kids). Also perhaps throw up a hairball or two.

4pm-6pm: Proceed to the laundry room, home of the food and water. Commence loud meowing until large human pours food in the bowl.

6pm-6am: Eat few bites of food, head outside to do business and explore, return inside to attempt to drink from large human’s glass of water, repeat.

So that’s what our cats do. They want nothing to do with the small humans, and little to do with the large ones. I’m pretty sure they would eat us if only they were bigger. Given that they are not, they will occasionally deign to allow us large humans to pet them, and humor us by purring. They do appear to love it here in England.

So, on to the other stuff. First of all, we are hoping to fly to the States on Friday. There is a small chance that we may get to come into Tyndall in Panama City, in which case we are hoping to hang out in Florida for a few days. So if you’re reading this and live in Navarre or Destin, I hope you’ve got a bed ready for me and the boys, ’cause I may be calling you up! Of course, its more likely that we’ll end up somewhere about 8-12 hours away from my parent’s house, necessitating long car rides, hotel rooms and the like. Good times. But really, I’m pretty excited. I must start packing tomorrow.

Our tentative travel plans include arriving in America, traveling either to Mississippi or Florida, whichever is closer, and staying a few days, then traveling to either MS or FL, whichever we didn’t go to first. In the middle of February, the kids and I will be going to Vegas, meeting up with Hunky’s family and Hunky while attending a vet conference. Then the kids and I will fly to Albuquerque to visit Hunky for a little while, eventually making our way back to MS, where we will stay until the arrival of Jeannie and Jennifer (yes YOU Jennifer..and I want to see the kids this time too!). At some point after that we will get back to England via an unknown route. Whew! It makes me tired just writing it, but I am so so so looking foward to sunshine, family, friends, target, malls, good restaurants, spending dollars instead of pounds, and the list goes on.

In adoption news, the State Department put out a statement yesterday, basically warning prospective adoptive parents just starting the international adoption process to strongly consider other countries besides Vietnam, due to the uncertainty surrounding the renewal of the MOU (agreement between VN-US, allowing adoptions). So…I don’t know what to think. The statement wasn’t really surprising, but still – not something that you want to hear, and the wording was pretty strong. It would make me feel a lot better if our agency would receive some referrals, but with Tet fast approaching, I’m certainly not expecting anything to happen before the middle of February. So adoption mood of the day would have to be: frustrated.



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4 responses to “Tail-wagging Tuesday – the cats and other stuff

  1. Beth

    Well….as your friend in Destin….let me know if you actually make it to Panama City!! Are you going to rent a car once you get here? I’m guessing so. Call me when you arrive! Can’t wait to see you!!!!! You still have my number, right?

  2. Jeannie

    I’m really sad to hear the adoption news….it’s breaking my heart that it is this difficult for you guys to adopt a kid. It just seems senseless.

    BUT I am SO SO SO SO EXCITED that I will get to see you guys in March! I can’t believe it — just amazing.

    Also, I think the cats love you more than you think they do. They have very secret feelings, those cats.

  3. Jennifer

    Is there a way to contact you while you are travelling?

  4. cheersyall

    I’m planning on getting a pay-as-you-go sim card for my cell once I’m in America, so I’ll let you know the number. Of course, I’ll be at my parents house a good bit too, but have no idea about specific dates right now. I’ll call you Jenn, when I get to my parent’s house.

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