favorite photo friday – O takes over

O picked out today’s picture…luckily its one of my favorites:

O luuurrves Chocolate…I don’t know where he gets that from 😉, taken Nov 05.

Wow, so that would make him younger in that picture than Y is now. In fact, Y is about the same age now that O was when Y was born…man, I get confused with all these initials – one of these days I’ll say to heck with the OPSEC and just use their real names, or at least initials. Anyway, O has just always seemed like such a little man, and Y is just more…babyish??

I think that’s a pretty common thing with second children, but still. Y is 21 months old, and starting to say things like “I want that fire truck”  and “I want talk daddy”, and I am amazed, partly because 6 months ago this kid had ZERO words, and partly because he still seems so young to me. And then I think back to O being that age, and he talked in complete sentences, knew some colors and shapes, etc.

I think my whole point here is that they really do grow SO FAST.

Oh and thanks for all the sweet thoughts and prayers for Y, as well as the commiseration about our really bad dog (who hasn’t been bad today yet, but give her time).



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4 responses to “favorite photo friday – O takes over

  1. Beth

    Ahhh….I love that picture! How cute! Yes, they really do grow fast. Logan is looking like such a big boy these days.
    You’re right. O has always been an “old soul”. And Y has always looked more babyish. Your boys are precious!

    Logan misses his buddies.

  2. too cute…thanks for sharing!!

  3. Jeannie

    The picture rocks — what an evil grin. But not really evil, more like sweet evil 🙂

  4. How funny; I didn’t realize you weren’t using the real initials for the kiddos until now, so I’ve always thought of your kids as “Owen” and “Yancy”…I had to stretch to come up with “Yancy” and am not sure that’s actually a name. Older and Younger! I get it now.

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