tail wagging tuesday – deferred

Sorry guys, y’all are gonna have to wait for tail-wagging Thursday this week. The kids have both been sick since Friday, and I’m just pretty much worn out, what with doing the single parent thing. Plus I’ve got an extra 2 kids at the house today.

I am in a pretty pissy mood. Pissy about the adoption, because the latest update (although not from the agency, from another client) is that the new province our agency works in requires children to be there for 4 months, not the 60 days required by VN law. And that’s why we haven’t seen referrals. Pissy about the fact that the MOU needs to be resigned by the beginning of March, which is not very far away at all, and so far there seems to be no movement there. Pissy because our agency won’t have a US representative at the Embassy Meeting in Hanoi. Pissy because I’m still waiting for a package to arrive that was mailed out on the 8th of January. Pissy because its cold outside. Pissy because I miss my husband, and we’ll only have a few days together when he gets home before he goes to Albuquerque, aka, “the black hole that sucks you in and never lets you out”. Pissy, piss, piss.

But just so you know that its not all bad, I talked to a couple on Sunday that might be willing to watch our house and all its 4-legged inhabitants in March, after our first house/dog/cat sitter leaves. This means we may get to stay in America longer. Which means I may get to see Jeannie and Jennifer! YAY! And its cold outside, but its not raining, which is a positive. I’m sure there’s more, but I gotta go – the older 2 kids just broke my stroller air pump (while they’re supposed to be having quiet time).



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5 responses to “tail wagging tuesday – deferred

  1. Beth

    Sorry you’re having a bad day. Hope it gets better.
    Saw Nora today. She’s doing good. Baby has a double ear infection….ugh!!!!
    My belly is getting uncomfortable. Not sleeping at all at night. Gonna go see if I can take a nap now. 😦

    Are you coming to FL??

  2. Jeannie

    Yay!! I’m going to pee my pants I’m so excited!!!!

    Hey, does Jennifer still keep a blog? I haven’t seen it since the beach one, but if she still keeps it up I’d love to read it. She always makes me laugh. If you’re reading this Jennifer, I need blog from you!

    And Ren, I’m sorry today is craptastic. Wish I could give you a big hug.

  3. Berd

    Great. Hope the kids are feeling better. I cannot access your music monday’s artists from school. Are they dirty songs?

  4. Jeannie

    It’s not dirty, Berd (hah! Dirty Berd! I think that should be your new nickname) but most schools block YouTube, the site that the video is on.

  5. Jennifer

    Am I the Jennifer you might see this spring? Huh? Huh? Huh?

    The plan right now is to leave with the kids via car (huge mistake I am sure) on Fri, March 14th, and arrive in MS at some point the next day if all goes well.

    I’m thinking the more likely outcome will be we’ll drive for about 45 minutes, realize our stupidity, turn around, and come home. LOL

    Really, the plan is to be in MS til the 21st, then drive back the 22nd-23rd. We are such travel wusses.

    Let me know when you guys plan to be around…

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