music mondays – kate nash edition

Its hard to know what’s been released in the US as opposed to here – some music and most movies get released way earlier in the States, but it seems like most British groups get released here first.

All that to explain why this week’s pick may already be playing on VH1 20 times a day.

Kate Nash’s music has been compared to Lily Allen’s, and I think that while similar, Nash has a distinct voice.

3 songs off of her album have been playing here since late summer. Foundations is my fav by far. Just listen to the words! The video amuses me as well. I have definitely been in relationships like this before.

No time for other posts tonight – I have accounting to do. Blah.


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One response to “music mondays – kate nash edition

  1. Jeannie

    What a great video! And I love the way Brits say “can’t.” Good choice.

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