music mondays – The Wombats edition

After last week’s crooner, I thought I’d change it up a bit. I thought about this band, because they were on the live lounge last week. However, Hunky and I didn’t think that they did a great job live, and they didn’t sing this song, which is AWESOME, and makes me want to dance when I hear it.

Check out Lets Dance to Joy Division by the Wombats. Enjoy, and you’re welcome.

(Trust me, if you’re having a crappy Monday, listen to the song – it’ll put a smile on your face).

Oh, and thanks for all the kind words about the accident. I laughed out loud at Jeannie’s comment, because I had forgotten all about the night I almost stroked out and hit a passing train. I was driving home from some exam study group at one of my lab partner’s, very late at night, and had to stop for a train, because if you live in Petal, Mississippi, you will get caught by the train EVERY SINGLE TIME. And I just hanging out, trying not to fall asleep, when I see a shadow in my rearview mirror, and I swear I thought I was in the middle of that ghost story where the murderer hides in the back of the car and waits for his prime moment to kill the driver. I see this shadow move, and I’m too scared to scream or move, which is what ALWAYS happened to me in my nightmares as a kid, and just as I’m about to DIE from the terror, the shadow turns out to be a CAT. My lab partner’s cat, who was apparently fond of climbing into stranger’s cars and falling asleep. So I didn’t die, and it all turned out to be funny in the end, and I’d like to say that I learned my lesson and started keeping my car windows rolled up from then on….but that would be a lie. It would take many many torrential Florida rainstorms for me to learn that lesson.

Oh, have y’all seen that online petition to add manpower to the USCIS to clear the backlog of I-600s. Those of you waiting for approval, what do y’all think of that?? I don’t know what to think….I just know that it sucks for those of you waiting, and I so hope that Emily and S and Heather and I-know-I’m forgetting-people-and-I’m-sorry get your approvals this week. Like TODAY!

And a huge congratulations to Laurie and Travis on your approval, and also for Elaine (although she’s still got roadblocks)!

As for our adoption, ummm, we’re still waiting on referrals from our agency to come to those higher on the list than us. Which bites, you know, but whadaya gonna do?



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4 responses to “music mondays – The Wombats edition

  1. What a great song — celebrate the irony…love it. Takes me straight back to my oh-so-pretentious college days. And also love that floral guitar one of the Wombats plays.

  2. Berd

    How come I didn’t hear about the train and the cat?

  3. Jeannie

    hahah Berd, there are many adventures that you didn’t hear about. We have to fill you in on them sometime. By the way, I really like your hair longer like it is in that photo.

  4. Berd

    That makes one. I don’t think anyone else does. I’m going through a 20ish stage now. Start talking girls.

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