i had an accident

This is something I hear from my son at least once a week, but today it comes from me.

Ummm, I hit a car…with my car.

First off, let me say that I am a moron. It was totally my fault. I was leaving Bible study tonight, and was backing up, looking in the rearview mirror, with my foot on the brake, and CRASHED INTO A PARKED CAR. I was in the CRV and sitting up high and kind of going downhill a little, so the car just wasn’t in view. And you wouldn’t think that that would have done that much damage to the other car (especially since the other car is a Volvo, aren’t they supposed to be like tanks?), but you would be wrong. I hit the other car apparently with our spare tire, caused no damage to our car whatsoever, but crumpled the other car’s hood, knocked out their headlight, and I’m sure damaged some other really expensive stuff.

I used to say that I was a good driver…maybe not a slow driver, but a good one. No more. Hi, my name is Lauren, AND I AM A BAD DRIVER.

Hunky is probably pretty happy right now that he leaves on a 10 day trip the day after tomorrow. He’s a little disgusted with me, although he says he isn’t really mad. I am in the doghouse, I think.

At least the kids weren’t with me – they were with their father – WHO IS A GOOD DRIVER  – in the other car. And I wasn’t hurt either, since I was only going about 2 miles an hour. And the people who own the car were pretty cool about it (considering I crashed into their car), and they happen to also be Americans, which I’m sure will simplify things. So there is a silver lining. I just feel like such an idiot. Which is also probably not a bad thing…sometimes I need to be brought down a peg or 2, just so I don’t, you know, get the big head.



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8 responses to “i had an accident

  1. Christina

    oh ouch. I dislike backing up for that very reason – I always feel like I really can’t see behind me and I’m going to hit something. Sorry it happened, but glad no one was hurt and that the other car’s owners are being cool about it.

  2. Jeannie

    Yikes! My friend’s SUV is all fancy and has a camera for when he backs up so he can see everything behind him. Sorry hon — I know that really sucks and is very scary.

    Speaking of scary and cars — remember when you nearly had a heart attack because there was a cat that sneaked into your car and darted across the back shelf thingie and you saw it in your rearview mirror? I’m surprised you didn’t run right into the train that night. Oh, and then you made the cat sleep with me? Even though I was already snuggled peacefully in my bed? 🙂
    Good times, good times.

  3. Beth

    Sorry to hear about your accident. That is a fear of mine….hitting a car while backing up. Luckily I haven’t done it yet. But I’m sure I will. I’m not a BAD driver, but I could be a little better…
    I’m just glad you weren’t hurt!

  4. Jennifer

    At least you couldn’t SEE the car you hit.

    About a week before I had AR, I was the 3rd vehicle back stopped at a red light. I’m watching the light, not that I’m in a hurry mind you, just waiting for it to change to green.

    It does.

    And I go.

    Only the car in front of me, a poor little tiny Honda Civic, did not go as fast as me.

    Wham. I smacked him right in the rear. Broad daylight, no rain, no glaring sun, no nothing, except one big idiot who just WENT when the light turned green.

    Thankfully, the man was VERY nice about it. When he saw my big gigantic pregnant self come climbing out apologizing profusely, he was much more concerned about me and the baby than anything else. I figure he was having visual nightmares of him trying to deliver this big fat woman’s baby on the side of the highway.

    If only he had realized how lucky he was to not have three little kids pouring out of the vehicle too…thankfully they were not with me. Not only cause I obviously would have been worried about their safety, but also because I would still be hearing about it today if they’d been with me.

    The little buggers can’t remember direct instructions 15 seconds later, but they don’t forget me getting pulled over for speeding almost a YEAR later…I hate to think of the comments I’d get from them after ramming that man’s rear end.

    Anyhow, I smashed his bumper pretty good, and thought I had done no damge to my truck. All was well, my insurance didn’t even go up.

    It was several months later that I put 2 and 2 together and realized that the reason my headlights no longer pointed forward exactly like they should was because they’d been knocked out of alignment when I rear ended the guy.

  5. Ouch! Well, they are called ACCIDENTS for a reason, so don’t beat yourself up too much. It could, and does, happen to anyone.

  6. Berd

    I’m glad everythings O.K. Remember when we were doing swim meets and that pregnant lady broad- sided us. It’s not important that I ran the red light that I thought was orange. you come by it naturally. Yes and your daddy wrapped a convertiable around a telephone pole. Oh well.

  7. Berd

    Tell Hunky that it’s not your vault.

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