arrgh, the bureaucracy!!!!

I bet y’all think I’m fixin to start ranting about our adoption process again, right? Well, WRONG, SUCKAS!

Last night I experienced a different type of bureaucracy, although it still involves US government agencies. Here’s the deal, pickles:

The veterinarian at the base has asked me to pretty please fill out an application to work there. I wrote her a long email about all my faults (I only want to work 1 day/week, I want to take lots of trips, I haven’t practiced as a vet in nearly 2 years, we are in the middle of this adoption, and I won’t be working at all for quite some time after that, I don’t really like surgery, I want more money, etc.), and I figured that would be that, but apparently they are REALLY desparate and are willing to meet all of my demands (again with the SUCKAS!).

Going back to work involves me getting my Florida Veterinary Liscense renewed by May of 08, instead of just putting it on hold, like I was planning (you can put that stuff on hold if your spouse works for the military and drags you kicking and screaming overseas). To get renewal, I’ll need to complete 30 hours of continuing education before May 1. Only 15 of these hours can be done by correspondence. Which means I need to go to a Veterinary Conference. So I find one (in Las Vegas, baby), but I want to make sure the great State of Florida will accept this conference and so I go to, which happens to be one of the most user-unfriendly systems I’ve ever worked with. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, so I finally get to where I can log in and check out my profile to change my address.

I get there, and GASP, it says that for the period from May 04-May 06, I have a CE shortfall of 30 hours. Now this is just not so – I went to 2 conferences in 2005, Thank You Very Much. And then I can’t figure out from the website if Florida will accept this new conference (which is a huge national conference, BTW – check it out if you want at So I have to – gulp- call.

After being hung up on once and put on hold for over 20 minutes, I finally get to speak to a real person. However, this person is working for the FL Department of Business and Professional Regulations, which covers some 50-odd professions, Veterinary Medicine being only one. And apparently one that she knows less than nothing about. To make a long story shorter (you: Thank you!), I won’t go into detail about what all she said, but needless to say, I ended up near tears, thinking that not only will they not accept this new conference, but I’ll probably need to make up those missing 30 hours before May as well. I pleaded with her to let me speak with someone in the Veterinary Medicine Board department, but by the time the mean lady was done with me, it was closed for the day.

So I called back to DBPR today, got hung up on once again, and then spoke with a different lady, who also didn’t have any good info to offer, and who also wouldn’t transfer me to the Veterinary Department ’cause they wouldn’t be able to help me (how does she know???), but who, eventually, agreed to transfer me to the Continuing Education department.

Who informed me that I had nothing to worry about, that the-computer-saying-I-have-a-CE-shortfall thing doesn’t apply to Veterinarians, Architects, or Interior Designers. And of course the conference would be accepted. Thank you and have a nice day.

So today is going much, much better than last night. What I had PLANNED to do last night was to institute a Tail-Wagging Tuesday, as per Jeannie’s request, but I guess y’all will just have to wait until next week. You may direct your complaints to the mean lady at the FL DBPR.

***Hunky thinks a typical Tail-Wagging Tuesday will read something like this: Parks and Kodi slept about 23 hours today – Parks on the downstairs couch and Kodi on the daybed in the playroom. They went outside several times in order to track poop back into the house. They ate dinner – in anticipation of going back to sleep. One of the cats threw up in the bedroom – we believe it was Mousa but have no substantial proof. They ate too, and made their way in and out of the house 50 million times today through their beloved cat-door,  THE BEST THING EVER according to our cats.



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3 responses to “arrgh, the bureaucracy!!!!

  1. You know, I’ve never really been into the whole anarchy thing, but some days it does sound good, no?

  2. Beth

    Ugh! What a mess.
    At least you got it all straightened out.

    Don’t ya just love incompetent people? I have found that it usually takes three phone calls to get in touch with the actual person who can answer your question….at least when a gov’t agency is concerned.


  3. Jeannie

    I love the first installment of Tail-Waggin Tuesday, even if it was a preview of sorts. It made me laugh.

    John and I are still laughing about Hunky’s conversation with O.

    I know you were screaming a lot of RARRRRRRRGHS! when you made all of your phone calls, but I’m glad you finally got through to the person you needed. You’re gonna be a straight up pro with dealing with incompetent people once you are done with the adoption. You deserve a medal or something.

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