Music Mondays – Inaugural Edition

So we have the fav photo Friday, and now I’m adding music mondays. See, one of the things that I really like about England is British pop music, which tends to be a little ummm, edgier maybe than American pop? And the BBC here has tons of radio stations, but we listen mostly to Radio 1, which features a DJ named Jo Whiley, who in turn does a thing on her show called the Radio 1 Live Lounge. And all of these famous artists and groups come in and do one of their own songs and one cover (she gives them 4 or 5 to choose from) – all acoustically. I love it – its not like living in Mississippi or the Florida panhandle that you ever got to listen to the Artic Monkeys playing live on the radio. So I think on Mondays I’m gonna try to link y’all to something I’ve heard on the Live Lounge that I thought was cool.

So today my choice is Leona Lewis – she was the winner of this past season’s X-factor, which is the British version of American Idol. I don’t watch the show, and her hit song is along the lines of Mariah Carey or something…the girl can sing, but its not really my style of music. But when she was on the Live Lounge, she did a cover of Snow Patrol’s Run, and I think she sang it better than Snow Patrol. This version gives me chills. So check it out if you want here. I’d just start the song and then do something else while listening, cause the video is just some random stills from her album or something.

Oh, and I promise not every week will be a song like that. I don’t usually go for the ballads. So if you think that sucked, maybe you’ll like next week’s choice.

On the adoption front, we have decided to change our gender preference to either. This way, the sex of our child is in God’s hands…if he wants us to have a girl, it’ll happen. Us, we’re betting on boy. And Hunky is actually semi-digging the name Shepherd, which is a far, far cry from how he felt about Y’s name. Oh, and I forgot to add Liam to the list, and did I say Landon – I like both of those too.

I have a close friend here with 3 little girls. We go to the same bible study, and tonight someone there was looking at her girls and remarked, “When I look at them, all I can think about is 4 women under one roof having periods every month”. At that point, I was very thankful that so far, all we have is boys. Although O’s funny statement for the week was to comment that he “didn’t want to have a penis anymore. It makes me have accidents. I want to have a ba-nono (translation: vagina).” Apparently the kid has inherited my distaste for anatomical words?

Oh, and I overheard Hunky talking to O tonight about how he “should only play with your penis by yourself, not in front of us. But don’t pinch it, that’s important. And your noonies – well, its just best to leave those alone altogether.” Even my husband is coming around to my way of talkin’, if not my way of thinking.



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5 responses to “Music Mondays – Inaugural Edition

  1. Beth

    Hilarious! Ba no no…..that’s too funny. I like Shepherd. I love Landon. That’s super cute! Liam is good too!
    Logan is still pretty oblivious to his penis. He doesn’t play with it at all. He’s just discovered picking his nose, so that keeps his fingers pretty busy. 🙂

  2. Jeannie

    I like the name Shepherd a lot.

    Holy poopers, batman, that was funny. I would pay good money to have heard Hunky saying that on tape. Seriously, install a nanny cam or something for moments like that.

    Also, I need a pronunciation guide for ba-nono. Where did that name come from? I love it! And O is right — his penis will probably continue to get him into trouble.

    In response to your earlier question, no, I’ve never watched The Hills. I tried to watch Laguna Beach once and I just couldn’t. And I think my standards for tv are pretty low. I’ll try The Hills…maybe.

  3. Jeannie

    Oh, and I love, love, love the Music Monday idea! Yay!

    Can we have Tail-Waggin Tuesdays? (for updates on The Best Dog in the World) 🙂 🙂

  4. S.

    thank you for that laugh–bwahaha! I don’t like anatomical words either. oh my that was funny!

    I think you made the right choice to say either–we would have done that if we hadn’t switched agencies.

    Two of my best friends have 3 boys–they love it!

    love the name Shepherd…

    still laughing here

  5. Jennifer

    So what would the reply be to ‘What are these…uh…ball things FOR actually?’ Cause that’s what my 5 year old wants to know. Right now, he says they ‘are just for rolling around…like this..right Mom?’ as he demonstrates rolling them to and fro between his fingers.

    Four women in the house is fine by me. I can’t handle any more penii.

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