Welcome to the world, baby boy!

Ok, not a book title, but nevertheless – our friends Andy and Nora welcomed their new baby boy, Axel Everett, into the world on Dec 31st – congratulations, guys!

And because it’s all about me, how sad am I that I wasn’t able to visit baby Axel in the hospital, like I have been for their two girls? That’s right, VERY SAD.

It’s weird, we totally have our own lives here in England, and we actually enjoy living here most of the time (although not today, as it is ARTIC BLAST  – not my words even, but those of the Radio 1 DJs – cold here). We’ve made new friends, and we’re doing this adoption thing (which, BTW, feels like its never gonna happen), and we have full lives…but I am still homesick often for Florida, especially when big events happen. Sigh.

Sorry to be such a downer – I am super happy for Andy and Nora – I just wish we could be there too.

And sorry for being away so long…I’ve kinda been waiting on any adoption news, like referrals from our agency (not for us but for others), or I-600 approvals for all the families whose blogs I read, or  really ANYTHING, but I’ve already passed out several times holding my breath, so I won’t be doing that anymore.

I’ll be back soon, or maybe I’ll make Hunky post tonight.

Oh, on a last note, Beth – you have the next due date! I’m getting pretty excited over here. (although I guess Laurie from Pho for Four actually has the next due date, but I’ve never met her…but I am really excited to find out if they’ll have a girl or boy, and I really hope the US government gets on the ball with the I-600 approvals, ’cause that girl needs to be heading back to America). Back to you, Beth, what are the name contenders??

Again, since it’s all about me, I thought I would add some boy names that I like, in case we switch our request to either gender (something that I think about more every day): Dylan (as in Bob), Shepherd (as in the daddy from Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood), Dismas (as in the good theif at Calvary, also the main character from John Lescroart’s books), and shoot, I can’t remember the others that I like. There are lots of good short classic boy names that I like out there, like Jack, and Luke, but if you knew our last name, you’d realize why they wouldn’t work, as well as completely understand why we won’t be carrying on Hunky’s name.

Okay, gotta go, kids crying.



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3 responses to “Welcome to the world, baby boy!

  1. lookingforlulu

    lee’s best friend is named shepherd. or shep, as we call him. great name:)

  2. Beth

    Yes, I’ve got about 12 weeks to go. Yeah! I’m sort of dreading it, cause I know it’s the “uncomfortable” phase. I’m already feeling as big as a house at night….then I wake up feeling much better. Thank goodness.

    As far as names are concerned, I’m thinking it’s gonna be Griffin Thomas. Do you like that? I do! Logan actually does too. Hubby isn’t 100%, but he’s not arguing against it either. I think he’s waiting to see what Logan does. Will he change his mind or not….Logan originally wanted Jensen. Britta laughed at that. Then he wanted Easton, a little friend at school. Then he wanted Ethan, but I nixed that because it’s like #2 in popularity right now. The name Griffin has been on our minds since Logan was born, and now it seems to fit. We’ll see!

    Currently the official due date is 4/2, but the little guy is measuring bigger so they have it at 3/30. My b-day is 3/28, so I’m sure he’ll come on that day. Then I’ll have to spend the next 10-15 years at Chuck E. Cheeses or some other “boy” place. Won’t that be fun??? ha!! I’m determined NOT to have him on my birthday for that reason alone. Just kidding!

    We miss you guys too! I was a little sad when I thought of Nora having her baby and you not being there. He’s a cute little guy. I think he looks like Addie. 🙂 Nora said you might be coming in the Spring?? When?

  3. Jen

    I like Dylan! I think Jack is the most common boy name in the US–but I like it, too.

    Sorry you are homesick. Have a Happy NY!

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