Merry Christmas Y’all!

A Christmas Eve treat for you all – the picture we used for our Christmas cards. Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas

(How many times can I use the word Christmas in one post?)

Although this year has been a rough one in some respects for our family, God has also blessed us beyond measure – he has given Hunky and I another year with our boys. We can only pray that next year He will continue to bless and keep our family (and of course we pray that it is His Will to add to our numbers too) – no gift could be more precious to us than that. Except the gift God gave to us all some 2000 years ago – the gift of His son, and the reason for the hope that we have, Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Hopefully we can keep the reason we celebrate Christmas foremost in our hearts tomorrow amidst all the mad opening of presents 🙂 .

To all of our friends and family back in America – we miss you and so wish we could be there with you tomorrow (or that you could be here with us!).

I’ll leave you with a link to my current favorite song – it’s not new, and its kind of sad (although I also think it can be kind of hopeful if thought about in a certain way, but Hunky doesn’t agree with me), but I love it, and it makes me think of Christmas.



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