ode to google reader

Last week I set up google reader to keep up with the blogs that I follow, and can I say – I love it! I know everybody and their mamas probably already know about stuff like this, and I am a little bit slow on the upswing, but for those that don’t: it is a real time saver. I used to have to go visit every blog on my blogroll (plus others) every time I wanted to check out new stuff. Now google does my work for me.

Hunky’s happy because it no longer takes me 2 hours to “check my email”. I’m happy because now I can add even more blogs to read. In summary: google reader=awesome. And google reader=easy, which is important when you’re me.

The only other thing I have to say is that I would like to see some more of the people I know in real life create blogs. Jeannie, you and Jon lead a hip, fun lifestyle…I would totally read you. Beth, you and Steve will soon gain membership into the more-than-one-kid club…I want to know your thoughts and feelings. Nora, I would love to keep up with what all you guys are up to, but I know you wouldn’t ever post (I’m pretty sure you don’t read this either)…but I would read you if you did! Britta (hmmm, I don’t know if you read this either), but you are one of the funniest people I know, plus you live in Clovis, our-sure-to-be-future home, and I am dying to know what goes on there day-to-day. You guys all need blogs! Make it your New Year’s resolution!

Other blogs I would like to see: my sister Cori’s, who may in fact have a blog but won’t let her family see it…my brother Todd’s, because he is also one of the funniest people I know. I wish more of Hunky’s friends had blogs, because now that everyone is having kids, we find it hard to keep up with all the names (just kidding), and because they’re all interesting people who live in far-flung places. Of course, none of them will get this message, because I think Hunky keeps the blog a secret from his friends (surely he’s not embarrassed???). Little does he know that I put the blog address on our Christmas letter :).

Anyway, get to work people.



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5 responses to “ode to google reader

  1. Beth

    I know. I know. I really should start a blog. Maybe I will soon. I’ll have to look into that google reader thing.

  2. I need to check out Google Reader. I was trying to set up a bloglines account, but for some reason half the blogs I tried to put on my list or whatever weren’t going. I’m sure it was stupid user error. Maybe Google is easier?

  3. Jeannie

    Really, John and I lead not so hip lives. Here’s what entry would look like if I had a blog:

    We sat down and watched tv tonight. Dinner was yummy, but I could seriously put away a Butterfinger Blizzard right now. My kitty wants to get in my lap, and he’s rather insistent, so I’d better move the laptop so he can claim his spot. Later, taters.

  4. i heart google reader. serously, it used to take me forever to go through all my blogs (i did the same as you and checked them all one by one). now it is great and takes way less time!!

    i am constantly encouraging others to start blogs as well. it is just such a nice way to be able to keep up with friends that you don’t see everyday!

  5. by the way…i just checked out your timeline. you are about to be 2 months DTV!!! i cannot believe it has been that long already! very cool. 🙂

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