oops and adoption blahs

Ok, after I read Jeannie’s comment, I went back and checked the link – we’re no longer on page 29, now we’re on page 32 , pic #453 (she must have added more pictures). So please take a look and comment. And thanks to those who have commented so far. I love you guys.

Oh, if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, you need to read the previous post :). And mom, I’m waiting for you to comment on your precious grandson – I don’t care if your hard drive is kaput 🙂

On to the adoption news. Hunky talked to our case worker last night. Somehow, out of a 15 minute conversation, it seems that no information was given. Those of you in adoptionland, don’t you hate that? You wait to call your case worker as long as you can, ’cause you don’t want to be a bother, and then, when you finally can’t take it anymore, you have your list of questions, and you make the call. You talk to your contact person. And you come away with …bupkis: Hopefully referrals will be given out soon. Nothing done yet with your dossier to change it to be open to a child with special needs. No info on the JCIS summit that can’t be found on the JCIS website. Etc. You know – bupkis.

So I’m a little frustrated with the situation (some yelling may or may not have ensued – after the phone call was ended, of course). Hunky suggests that next time maybe I should be the one to make the call. But here’s the deal (everytime I think that I think of Britta – do you read this? I miss you!), if I talk to the case manager, one of 2 things will happen: I will totally wimp out and not even ask the questions I intended to ask, or I will get audibly upset DURING the phone call  – and I really don’t want to do that. So I make Hunky call. And then listen to me bitch later.

I don’t know, I think I have the adoption blahs: we started this journey in March – so now we’re about 9 months into the process…the length of a pregnancy. Naturally, our family and friends ask how the adoption is going – when are we going to get a referral? And we expected to have a referral by early spring, maybe even to travel by then. This looks very very unlikely at this point – so unlikely as to be laughable. Now we just hope and pray that the Vietnam program doesn’t close, that the MOU will be renewed, that we won’t have to start all over. (you see what I mean by blah?).

If you pray, can you say a few for us? But first, please pray for all the families out there waiting for I-600 approval – all these families have referrals, children waiting in orphanages for their mamas and daddys – that the approvals would come fast so these families can be united. Then please pray that we could resolve to continue to put this adoption in God’s more than capable hands, since He knows what’s best for our family. You could throw in some for referrals to begin again for our agency, if you were feeling generous.

On a positive note, we had our spouses’ group cookie exchange this morning, and can I say: O and Y were SOOO well behaved. Actually, O has been a really really good boy the past couple of days. Y had a major meltdown at the post office yesterday, so the same can’t be said of him, but at almost 20 months, we can’t expect too much of the kid. And, as you can see in the picture in the link above, he is too stinkin cute, so its possible he gets his way more than he should.

I love my boys.



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3 responses to “oops and adoption blahs

  1. Jeannie

    Picture in the link above? I don’t see a link. I wanna see a picture!

  2. No new news? 😦 I was going to call him tomorrow but seems like I don’t need to. I believe the referrals will begin real soon. 🙂

  3. Berd

    Well, you know I think both my grandson’s are precious. I miss you guys so much. My computer is up and running now after a house call from Comcast. I didn’t know how to vote for the cutest. Are you surprised? Yes I will vote for my relations. Berd

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