babywearing – check it out

Hey y’all, you should check this out.

Attached to baby is having a babywearing photo contest. They’ve had 900-something entries and need help narrowing things down.

I entered a couple of pics of Y: one in our Ergo carrier  (the only one that’s really eligible to win, since ATB sells that carrier), and one in a carrier my friend Nora at snugglebug made for me (I look like a moron, but Y and the sling are cute).

If you want to go check out a ton of babywearing pics, go to this site. Oh, and while you’re there, if you wanted to comment on Y’s ergo baby pic on page 29 (he’s the kid with his head thrown back and a look of pure joy on his face) to help us win, well, I wouldn’t stop you or anything (you comment by clicking on his – the one called Ergo Joy #453- or anyone else’s pic that you like and leaving a comment). He IS, after all, the cutest and happiest kid out of all 900 photos.

If you’ve never really thought about babywearing, I’d check out that site just to get an idea of all the different kinds of carriers there are. I have ordered stuff from ATB in the past, and the service and products have always been great. Of course, I consider this site to be the ultimate place to go to learn about babywearing and diffferent types of carriers.

EDITED TO ADD: ok, when I said I wouldn’t stop you from commenting and helping us win, I actually meant please please please vote for Y. Please?


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One response to “babywearing – check it out

  1. Jeannie

    Wow, you really make a girl work to see a pic of the kids, huh? 🙂

    I love the close up of Y and I said it was the best one. So cute!

    Miss you guys…really wishing we could see you at Christmas. Juanny Love and I talked about Parks yesterday and we both got a bit nostalgic.

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