isn’t hunky the greatest?

I am so thankful that I am married to a man that cares that our adoption is ethical. I totally thought he was going to post about what the kids have been doing this week or something (not that what the kids do is unworthy of a post).

I am proud to be his wife.

Now, wanna see some more pictures? We took the kids out today to try to get a pic for our Christmas card…here are some of the results:

Mom, you are hilarious

A hug…or a tackle? Hard to know

Could this be the Christmas card winner?

This year will be the first I’ll have to do a Christmas letter. My family has always maintained that this is a “midwest thing” (my family being southern), but I think it may be a military thing too. Anyway, its a “it costs too much to talk to everyone all the time like we used to do when we lived in America” thing.



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3 responses to “isn’t hunky the greatest?

  1. E.

    Do they not do Christmas letters in the South? Really? Maybe I’ve just assumed everybody does it because I’ve always lived near a military base so have always known mostly military people. Love the pictures of the kids! My husband’s version of caring that our adoption is ethical went something like this: If after all this waiting, all this stress, and all this money I find out that our adoption isn’t ethical, I’m going to have [insert agency CEO’s name here] head on a pike. LOL! (metaphorically speaking, of course)

  2. S.

    Yes, you have a great guy there!

    OK–I actually snorted at pic #3–absolutely hysterical. It is so hard to get a decent pic for the christmas card, I can identify! I love their sweaters!

    I have never thought of the letter being a regional thing–we have a friend who does a fabulous job with theirs–we actually look forward to getting it every year!

  3. S.

    p.s. your boys are GORGEOUS!

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