bring on the halloween pics

Before I start on an adoption rant, I’ll post what most people looking at this site want to really see…cute pics of the boys:

pumpkin picking with Ted and Carolyn

our little stinker

our brave fireman defending his betrothed, Fancy Emily 

the whole gang

I hope I am not the only mother in the world who is having trouble taking pictures of her 3 year old. Every pic of O that has been recently taken features a silly face. I have half a mind to make him don the costume again to get a good one, but I’m thinking the facial expressions will either be goofy or about-to-cry or crying. This seems to be the spectrum for pics these days.

Doesn’t O’s future wife (according to her) look precious? Her Halloween costume didn’t arrive in time, so her mama dug around and came up with this, which we decided looked a lot like “Fancy Nancy” (if you haven’t read this book, you’ve gotta – it’s so cute)…so she became Fancy Emily.

It ended up being pretty mild, weather-wise, on Halloween, Thank You Lord! We took the kids trick-or-treating around my friend Sarah’s neighborhood, which is about half-American/half-British, and much more child-friendly than ours. The kids had fun, much candy was procured, a good time was had by all. And luckily my kids are young, and thought that all the candy was gone the day after Halloween, so Hunky and I can eat it all! Mwah-ha-ha!!

Alright, you’ve had your picture fix. Join me for the next post, in which I will rant about unethical adoptions, freak out about Vietnam adoptions, muse about special needs adoptions, etc. If you could give a hoot about adoptions, you could skip the next one.



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2 responses to “bring on the halloween pics

  1. Beth

    Love the pictures! The boys are getting so big!!

  2. yea…pictures! thanks for sharing! your boys are too cute 🙂

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