bad lauren and free rice

Ok, ok, I am a total loser for not posting for so long, and this will be short (but totally cool). I will try to post a longer update tonight. And I have stuff to say about the new I-600 rules. And I know I’ve promised a vaccination post (although that is SO yesterday compared to the I-600 stuff, and I doubt anyone cares about my vaccination views anymore). I’m only one person, people. Oh, wait, I do have that Hunky around…maybe I’ll make him post our family update and pics and stuff, and I’ll do adoption update and inform you of MY VIEWS on the important topics of the day.

For now, go check this site  out (man, I really wish Hunky and I could figure out how to shortcut links – and I don’t even think that’s the right terminology to use – but you know what I mean, everybody’s doing it, where you have a link to click on, but you call it “this” or “Free Rice”, not have it show up as the whole website address…but we can’t figure it out. Or I can’t and Hunky won’t. Its hard to know.). It’s awesome, as Mighty Maggie says. I am totally embracing my right-below-the-surface-but-still-inner-nerd, while helping others, a total win-win! Jeannie, I am especially thinking you will like this site (you could make your students play for homework!), and you are probably the only person who reads this who knows of my deep irritation of people who use big words in incorrect ways. Wait a minute…I’m thinking that maybe Jennifer knows about this as well. And maybe Holly. And of course Hunky. Jennifer, if you do read this, I hope ya’ll are gettting over the pestilence. And Holly, you’re as bad as me about not updating your blog 🙂 .

Last thing – Beth, we will try to call you later today, as O had a complete meltdown earlier today, crying that he missed his friends Logan and Grace and Addie, and why we can’t go on a big airplane trip to go see them. All I could say was that I missed them too, and try not to cry myself.

Hunky did do it. Free Rice



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6 responses to “bad lauren and free rice

  1. E.

    If you download Windows Live Writer (it’s free) and use that to write your posts, it’s a snap to put the links in but call them “go here” or whatever instead of having the entire link in your post. I discovered Live Writer since I, the biggest blog nerd in the world apparently, blog on Live Spaces. However, you can use it to blog on WordPress. That is how I am gradually cutting and pasting everything from the old blog to the WordPress blog which I will someday probably use as my primary blog, since it’s where all the cool people blog. Blog. Blog. Blog. 😉

  2. Beth

    Man!!! I was putting Logan down for a nap when you called. I’m sooo sad I missed your call!!! 😦 Logan asked about Noah the other day too. We miss you guys so much. I’ll be sure to check out the website you talked about.

  3. Beth

    OK. So I’ve managed to donate 500 grains of rice so far. That’s an awesome website. I’ll pass it on to my teacher friends.

  4. that is an amazing and fun site – i’m going to pass it along too. thanks!

  5. Jeannie

    Holy vocab words, Batman. That site is difficult, and I feel so guilty if I get one wrong! Of course, I could cheat and go to, but I’d feel guilty for that, too. What a cool site!

    I still miss you terribly, and I check your blog regularly (even when you don’t post regularly — hint hint). I may not always comment, but I’m always reading. John likes to read it, too! We love you guys — give the boys hugs and give Parks and Kodie scratches behind the ears for us!

  6. Jennifer

    Well. Just call me ‘STUPID’, which is easy enough to define. I did manage to donate 600 grains of rice. I did not, however, manage to get past level 33. And even then I kept bouncing back and forth from 31-32-33. Very, very sad. My brain is officially completely mush. How high up do normal people get on that thing? I would suggest that the more babies you have, the lower the level of vocabulary. I mean, really, we’re working on ‘MaMa, DaDa, please, and thank you’ around these parts. What level do you think those are? Hehehe…

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