you gotta be kiddin me

We finally get our copy of our dossier via FedEx the other day. Actually it was delivered to our neighbors, whom we don’t know and don’t really speak English that well, by a contracted delivery company…and somewhere along that journey, the package was completely opened. So hopefully everything was still in there, and Hunky and I have not had our identities stolen by the Eastern European Mafia…but that’s not the point of this story.

The point of this story is that there was a memo in this package that said, basically, the following: Our representative in Vietnam tells us that only one police clearance is needed. So we have sent your Florida police clearances and kept the other ones at our office in the off chance that they will be needed. Those other police clearances would be, of course, our Enhanced Disclosures, our UK police clearances. You know, the ones that caused all the fuss a few months back, that we couldn’t figure out how to get notarized. That we made a trip to the US Embassy in London and stood outside in line for a couple of hours for. The ones that cost about $60 apiece to get in the first place (although we would have had to get that done anyway for our homestudy), $7 apiece to get verified by the State Department (I think that’s right), $15 apiece (I think) for handling by our courier service, and $70 apiece to get authenticated by the Vietnamese Consulate. Drops in the bucket, people, drops in the bucket. Although the bucket is at least half full now from all the drops it has accumulated.

So Hunky and I are at the point where we can laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Except that a tiny annoying voice keeps niggling at me, asking me why the Vietnamese adoption officials wouldn’t want our UK police clearances, since that’s where we live now? Wouldn’t those be better than our Florida ones, where we no longer live? I so hope our agency knows what they’re doing here.

As far as I know, we’re still waiting on a log-in date for our dossier. They have 5 days.

A few other random things:

Hunky, if you’re reading this, call home and tell me that you are in Florida now and not in Canada with a broken plane. I mean it…call me and tell me you will be getting home as expected on Saturday or I will tell everyone here your real name.

Our friends Ted and Carolyn are arriving on Saturday to visit for about 5 days. This would be Grandma Carolyn  and Grandpa Ted, the ones who watched O when I went back to work after he was born. We are super-excited to see them, and it is sure to be a busy few days. I will definitely post pictures.

Last night it got down below freezing. This is not good news – it’s probably been in the low 50s during the day, which is about 25 degrees cooler than I like it…but at least the sun has shone the past 2 days.

That’s all I’ve got for today kids – I know O has said some pretty funny things the past few days, but the real gem will have to wait until I can post an accompanying picture.

Oh, and to Beth and Nora, if you’re reading – I so soo soooo wish it was me in Florida tonight instead of Hunky. And do you read this Britta??? I am thinking about you out there in Nowhere, NM….the newest word on the street here is that we might join you sooner than we thought! I miss you guys!



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2 responses to “you gotta be kiddin me

  1. Beth

    Man, why can’t you go with Hunky to Florida? I miss you! Nora said she talked to you. I’m glad to finally get an update. I hope everything is good with the clearances. This would be such a frustrating process for me….you and I are so much alike! 🙂

  2. I spent close to $300 extra in authentications etc. for police reports I didn’t need–but I couldn’t even blame the agency, only my own stupid self!
    We are still bringing them with us to VN–that is, if we ever get a travel date!

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