alright already

Sorry for not having written in a while. Someday soon I will do the vaccination post, I promise. It just seems like we’ve been busy lately, and the days go by so fast. What we have been busy doing, I have no idea. Plus, I just haven’t had anything to update. I really need to post some pics, I know. So I think I’ll just post a few random things today.

First, Hunky picked up the newest guy in his squadron today from the airport. They got to the base around 11, and he couldn’t check into the TLF (don’t ask me what that stands for, but it means hotel rooms for people moving in and out of here) until 2. So this lucky single guy got to hang out with Hunky, me and the kids for lunch. Why Hunky wanted me and the kids to join them I have no idea – he dragged me away from a playgroup to do this…maybe him and newbie ran out of conversation over the 3 hours they were stuck in traffic trying to get back to the base. Anyhow, most of the time I feel like my kids are just pretty typical kids for their age – their behavior is no better or worse than other kids we hang out with. I’ve never really been embarrassed by them, probably mostly because we don’t bring them to many non-kid friendly places, and that’s mostly because it would make my life more difficult (it IS all about me). But today I saw my kids through the eyes of someone who doesn’t have or want any kids anytime soon. It was pretty sad. The mess they made on the floor…the crying from O when he got in trouble for saying something not nice to me…the tantrum from Y when Hunky wouldn’t let him play with the ice cubes in his glass. You could just call them The Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players. I think we left him with a feeling of ummm….maybe abstinence being the only sure-fire way to prevent pregnancy. I am left to wonder why the squadron would assign my husband to sponsor this poor guy, instead of one of the single guys, who could show him the good places to live, eat, drink, etc.

Secondly, the good news is that our agency thinks our dossier will get logged in before our documents start expiring in less than 2 weeks. Here’s what our country program director has to say –

Hi Lauren,

Since your dossier was received on the 28th of September, I believe the translation is probably almost done, so the next stop will be the IAD.  I think there will be time to spare on your medical form.  I have emailed our rep to find out how things are progressing with your file.  I’ll let you know what I find out.”

I hope he realizes (knowing that he doesn’t) that our Florida police clearances will expire before my medical  form – only by a few days . I’ll save that nugget of info for next week.

Rarrr! I was trying to be all fancy by inserting that quote, and now I can’t get the black type or font size back. I am so not smart about computers.

Third, the bad news is that if you go to our agency’s website, the previously quoted 2-4 month wait ’til referral time (which, added with other clues given over the span of this blog, would be enough to figure out which agency we are using – anybody in adoptionland want to make a guess?) has been changed to 6-12 months to referral. 4 months is about what I was told to expect. 6 months is about what we figured. 12 months is a YEAR from now, ya’ll! Not even close to what many people wait, I know, but a big change from 2-4 months. I really do believe that this adoption is in God’s hands now (of course, it always has been, so I guess I mean completely out of our hands now), so the timing is up to the Big Guy, but I would really like to go to Vietnam early this spring. Hey, I’d really like to go to Vietnam this winter, but that will obviously not happen. The discouraging thing to me is this: we get a monthly newsletter from our agency that has every family (in code) categorized into referral, dossier in country, and dossier in process. This list leads me to believe that we are about 11th in line for an infant girl. Anyway, we’ve been receiving the newsletter for 2 months now, and the families with referrals hasn’t changed – no families got referrals last month as far as I can tell. I have no idea if there were any referrals the month before. This is poopy. I also hear that referrals have slowed to a trickle for many of the reputable agencies, so I guess the good news is that my belief that our agency is ethical has been reinforced.

Oooohhh, I seem to have fixed the small-blue-type problem. Yay me!



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4 responses to “alright already

  1. Beth

    Finally…an update! I check this site every day…Come on, get it together girl! Ha! Miss you!

  2. E.

    Wait . . . no update on your nose? Just kidding. Our agency started out with the 4-6 month referral timeframe and then upped it to 6-12 months and then upped it again to 12-18 months. When we got our referral three weeks ago, we were the first family to get one since February. Freakin’ Februrary! Anway, that’s the bad news. What I’m leading up to is the good news: they anticipate several more referrals in the next few months. So, maybe your agency will pick up soon, too. Here’s hoping!

  3. That is great news about your documents – man you’re down to the wire, but hopefully it’ll work out and everything will be in before it expires! Bummer about the increased wait times, but I think that’s been true of most agencies across the board (except the REALLY REALLY shady ones). Hang in there – spring or very early summer would be a great time to go to VN.

  4. That sounds promising about your paperwork! I hope that things pick up for your agency. This is definately a lesson in giving up control!

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