much better…and a secret revealed

I’m feeling much more human today, although it appears I have caught the cold that Hunky and the kids both have. According to my post-op instructions I can’t blow my nose for 2-3 weeks. Meaning that I have a pretty much constant stream of snot coming from the nose. So attractive, although the concept of me looking attractive flew out the window a long time ago, and certainly need not be revisited until I can get this atrocious splint off the nose. Did I mention that I elected to do this surgery? Maybe I should really stop complaining. Who knew I was this vain?

Now to the secret. Most everyone who reads this knows Hunky and me personally, so its not a secret to ya’ll, but since Hunky refuses to play along with my OP-SEC games, and insists on referring to me with my REAL first initial, I’m gonna go ahead and reveal my name….it…is….Lauren. And I’m gonna start signing it as Lauren when I comment on your blogs too. Get ready for the insanity, people. Really, though, sorry it wasn’t an exciting secret, but I think its funny that Hunky (or should we call him M, as he refers to himself? I don’t think so) won’t let our blog be picked up by search engines – thereby sentencing us to obscurity forever – due to security concerns, won’t partipate in the use of our pretend names. I don’t know why he won’t call himself Hunky –Β it is a cute name. You guys can still call me Ren if you want to – I think its hip. Although really, could I be any more hip? insert mind picture of me with a huge white plastic splint on my nose, with snot pouring out, wearing a baseball cap to cover my unwashed hair (no showering from the neck up), with the clothes that I normally wear. I know. Hip is definitely the word I’m looking for.

Later, taters.



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6 responses to “much better…and a secret revealed

  1. Beth

    I’m so happy to hear you’re feeling a bit better. I can’t imagine the pain! Ugh. You’ll be happy you did it in the end, and you’ll be able to breathe through your nose…yippee!!

  2. well lauREN, glad to hear you are doing better! i am going to keep calling you ren…it just sounds sassier πŸ™‚

  3. Jeannie

    Aw, Ren, I always thought you were hip. Although, the snot thing is making me rethink that, at least for a while πŸ™‚

    I had a friend have the same surgery and she said it hurt like none other. I can’t imagine trying to keep up with your boys feeling like that. And you are one of the toughest persons I know. (“Two hits. Can’t hurt steel. I’m a rock.” comes to mind)

    I wish I was closer to you cause I would bring you lots of yummy food and take O and Y to the park so you could take a nice long nap. Remember naps? Weren’t they great?

    Miss you tons!

  4. Jeannie

    Toughest persons? Toughest people? Whatever…I’m too tired for grammar.

  5. E.

    Wow, you have surgery so you can breathe through your nose better, and then you get a cold so you can’t breath through your nose at all? Any you’re not allowed to blow anything? And you’re not allowed to wash your hair?!?!? The fact that you are going through all of this and still have your sense of humor automatically makes you the hippest hipster on the planet. And yes, Hunky is a cute name.

  6. Hi Lauren! I wish I would have thought of some funny nicknames instead of first initials. There is at least one person in VN adoption blogger land though who was so irritated that I didn’t use my whole name on my blog, so purely to irritate her I am keeping it that way for now, LOL!

    I still think you are hip–and I hope you feel better soon!

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