surgery kicks my bum

It was true in vet school, its true now. I am not cut out to perform surgery (I worry too much), and I am definitely not cut out to have surgery. This will be short, as I am finding it difficult to do anything but stare off into space for long periods of time, but I have several notes to self:

First, do not trust a surgeon who has never had the surgery he will be performing when he tells you that it isn’t a painful surgery. The ENT told me that this septoplasty/rhinoplasty thing is no big deal, not painful unless we have to break your nasal bones, which won’t happen. Well, it happened, and now the doc says, well, we broke your bones, that’s gonna cause some deep pain. Why I beleived him in the first place, I have no idea…I have seen Dr. 90210, I have seen bone rasps, I know anything having to do with bones is going to hurt like a mother. I’m just gullible, and really wanted to believe that it would be an easy recovery, I guess. But take it from me, its better to be prepared to be in major pain and not be, than the other way around. The pain is not that bad now, more just annoying, so I can’t complain, and I feel really bad about complaining anyway, since this was at least a semi-elective procedure. To briefly explain Hunky’s last post to all, I had a wicked deviated septum – the ENT’s words – which prevented me from breathing through my nose at night. The mouth breathing, combined with the lower humidity here is supposedly contributing to the sore throat I’ve had on and off for the last 4 months…this is how a deviated septum can cause a sore throat. But really, I’ve hated the bump in my nose ever since I was old enough to care about how I looked (I know some of you think that I still don’t care based on my clothing choices, but whatever), and when he said the military would pay to fix that along with the septum, I jumped at the chance. And really, if I’m happy with the results in the end, all the pain times 50 would be worth it to me, I think. Of course, I have a swollen face with 2 black eyes and a plastic splint over my nose, so I have no clue about what it looks like now. I hope good?

Second note to self, no more elective surgery unless my mom is in town. What was I thinking? I have been worse than useless the past few days to Hunky and the kids. Our friend S has been an absolute lifesaver these past few days, watching the kids while Hunky has had to work. I owe her so big, I can’t even explain it. I don’t think she reads this, so what do ya’ll think would be a good thank you gift? I really think her husband and her should take a long weekend trip to Ireland and let us watch her 3 girls, but logistically, that’ll be hard with our husband’s schedules. What do ya’ll think? BTW, this is the lady that will maybe be watching the boys while we’re in Vietnam (if she hasn’t decided that is a totally insane idea). Anyway, to think that I was fully prepared to have this surgery if Hunky had to leave town last minute. I would have been up a very shallow, smelly creek in a canoe with a large hole and no oars. Thank you Jesus for watching out for our family yet again.

I know I had more, but my thinking time is up. Ta ta, ya’ll.


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  1. Ouch, so sorry you are going through that!

    Drs. (generally) totally underestimate pain–(I know everyone handles it differently) but I remember when my cerclage was placed, he said I wouldn’t be in pain. Ummmm….not.

    And I just had purely elective surgery, and I asked would it be worse than a c-section. The nurse said no way–well either I really don’t remember the c-section recovery all that well, or noone has actually told the dr. and nurses that yes, it hurts like a mother. I would rather know going in what to expect.

    If she is watching your kids while you are in Vn, then yes, you should definately figure out some way to take hers for the weekend so they can go to Ireland–that is a great idea!

    I hope that you are feeling better soon!

    Oh, and it isn’t always a bad thing for the working parent to really experience what it takes to keep things going at home!

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