L’s Surgery

Well, L had surgery on Wednesday.  I almost had to go out of town on a short notice trip, but my boss agreed that I should probably be in town to help take care of the family.  I’ll give you a rundown on what the surgery was and then tell you how we’re up to.

The surgery was primarily to correct a deviated septum in L’s nose.  This is a condition caused by displaced cartilage left over from when L broke her nose in Elementary School.  The doc thinks that it was causing her chronic sore throat, so he recommended correcting it.  So they were going to do this surgery, and the doc offered to smooth out the bump on the bridge of her nose (from the same incident) at the same time.  L had thought about getting this done awhile ago, but we decided it wasn’t worth the risk of anesthesia.  So anyway, that’s what she had done, and it was an outpatient deal.  The doc thought she’d be back up to speed in a day or two, but that’s not exactly how it is shaping up.

L has been feeling pretty bad since having the surgery.  She is fairly swolen and is getting a little bit of bruising around her nose.  The surgery went fine, but I guess we weren’t expecting the recovery to be as long as it is shaping up to be.  She can hardly watch the kids, so I stayed home from work Thursday.  The bad thing for us is that I got a short notice job working in the command center this weekend, so I have had to work for a few hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  L is slowly starting to feel better, so hopefully things will be back to normal soon.  This whole deal has given me a new appreciation for what L does everyday to take care of the kids and run the house.  I love her.

One last thing, I have to say thanks to our friend S, who has watched the boys for a couple hours each of the past few days, and brought over dinner on Thursday.  Anyway I’m glad we have made some friends here, otherwise I’d be on my way to the loony bin by next week.



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2 responses to “L’s Surgery

  1. so sorry to hear about the slow recovery…hopefully the boys are being good for you guys! get better soon 🙂

  2. Beth

    L, I hope you’re feeling better. Email when you can!

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