we are DTV!

We are DTV (dossier to Vietnam) as of yesterday! Our dossier is in Alaska as of this morning…is it weird to anyone that the shortest route to Hanoi from Texas is via Anchorage? Anyhow, it’s supposed to arrive in Vietnam on Sept 28th. Hopefully it’ll be translated quickly and logged in at the IAD. Hopefully it’s all correct. Anyway, yay us!

Upcoming post alert: my view on vaccinations…don’t get excited people, Laurie and Travis at Pho for Four have already said it better (but mine will have puppies in it).

Also, I’m having surgery tomorrow, so if anyone cares to throw some prayers my way, that’d be great.

Ta ta, ya’ll



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7 responses to “we are DTV!

  1. Beth

    What?? Surgery??? What kind of surgery???

  2. Beth

    Oh. and my only real comment I have on autism: the new rate is one in 90 boys. Something has to be happening for the rate to be this high. It’s scary. I don’t think it’s necessarily vaccines, but something has to be happening. And it can’t all be chalked up to “more children being diagnosed” as in the case with ADD/ADHD.

  3. E.

    Congratulations on getting that paperwork done and off to Vietnam! That is a huge relief, isn’t it? Also, I know it’s a long shot, but we have friends stationed over in England right now and I was wondering if you know them. Like I said, a long shot, but your personality (at least the way I interpret it on your blog) reminds me of her, so if you do meet her, I think you might hit it off. You can email me.

  4. Jeannie

    What is your surgery??? Regardless, I will be thinking of you.

    CONGRATS on the D thing I can’t spell traveling its way around the world.

    I’ve been studying Vietnam’s history (especially our part in the war) because I am teaching a book about and by a guy who was a soldier there. It is called The Things They Carried — you really should read it. It is one of my favorites to teach.

    Anyway, I miss you — I hope your surgery is minor and goes well. Let us know ASAP!

  5. Hope the surgery goes well–congrats on being DTV!

  6. YAY on DTV!! And I’m still really interested in your take on vaccines.

  7. congrats on being DTV…how exciting!!! you one step closer to being logged in! i’m jealous 🙂

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