quick adoption update

Our dossier was delivered to our agency last Wednesday. Our home study arrived at the consulate last Friday. Hopefully it’ll get back to TX sometime next week and we can get this dossier to Vietnam, and let the real waiting game begin.

You know, it physically hurts me to not be able to see our completed dossier with all of its verifications and authentifications before it gets sent off to the Vietnamese government. I admit it…I may be a dossier control freak. I just really really REALLY don’t want it to get all the way to VN, and then have someone say, wait a minute, this wasn’t signed right, and by the time it can be fixed, half of our documents have expired. I’m pretty sure our courier service checked over everything that went through them (which is everything except the home study), and made sure it was right, so we should be okay, but…

Although it hurts somewhere in my abdominal cavity, it is probably a good thing to have this out of my control. After all, this whole process, especially the timing, is really in God’s control. I try to think to myself – wow, the fact that our home study took 30 something days to travel to England and back for a signature might mean that a different child will be referred to us. Sometimes it even works in lowering my frustration level.

*Please, Lord, let all of our documents be done correctly.



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2 responses to “quick adoption update

  1. i can imagine that it will be hard to let go after all that hard work šŸ™‚

    you are so close to DTV!!! so exciting!!

  2. Almost there! Fingers are crossed for your dossier – I’m sure it’s all put together just fine.

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