weekend wrap-up

So we didn’t get up to much this weekend. We headed to Cambridge on Saturday afternoon, took the kids to the bookstore and playground there, then ate sushi. Yesterday and today, I’ve felt under the weather, so we’ve done a whole lot of nothing. And tomorrow Hunky leaves on a trip – yuck. But its only for a few days – hooray! That plane had better not break…or I’ll….be really mad and be able to do nothing about it.

Being that it was overcast and about 55 degrees here today, I started thinking about fall and Halloween (actually, I started thinking about Halloween when the Pottery Barn Kids catalog came in the mail last week). Fall is my second favorite time of year, next to summer. Since summer passed us by this year in England (not an extremely horrible thing, since we don’t have air conditioning), Fall had better be good! We don’t really have the going-back-to-school excitement at our house since the kids are so little and O goes to preschool year-round, but October brings our anniversary (I told The Hunk I wanted a minivan…I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence), and Halloween. November brings Thanksgiving and my birthday – all in all, just a good time of year.

That being said, we were listening to Jimmy Buffett today with the kids (they love the Volcano song and Cheeseburger in Paradise), and suddenly I was so homesick for Florida I almost cried. I wondered what would we be doing if we were still living there this Labor Day. I imagine we would be getting ready to either go to or host a going-away party for our friends Britta and Kevin, whose movers are coming tomorrow. We’d be grilling out for sure, sipping margaritas I imagine, and probably wondering if the next big hurricane would be heading our way. I like it here ok, but man, I would drop England in a minute for a chance to live back in the good ole panhandle. Especially if we could live in a house on the beach…which could happen…someday…if we won the lottery.

If anyone from someplace warm is reading this – have a boat drink for us!



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3 responses to “weekend wrap-up

  1. ya know, I guess the grass is always greener b/c I am in FL (Jax area) and wishing we could be in the mtns.! Have a boat drink anyway!

  2. cheersyall

    Yes, I think lack of boat drinks are a major problem in my life. Note to self: must remember to buy 220v blender so I can have lots of frozen margaritas. Sometimes I wish they still carried those “its already ready already” frozen drinks…they weren’t that great, but they were already ready…already.

  3. Beth

    It was actually a little cloudy here this Labor Day. Since I’m hating the heat right now….it’s been darn hot!….I was wishing I was in England. Ha! The grass is always greener.
    It was hot, but not too hot. And I can’t have a margarita with you, but I’ll listen to a little Jimmy Buffet and have Steve have a beer for you.
    I miss you!!!!

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