less grumpy now

I feel better now. Hunky is home (2 days early even), my test results are back (normal), ASW replied to my email, and now we have moved along to the international case worker (at long last), whom I actually spoke with last night!

So goodbye, ASW. I am sure that you are a very nice man in real life, just not as efficient as I would have preferred.

Hello international case worker (hereafter known as ICW) – hopefully you will not have to feel the wrath of the MIGHTY REN (ok, everyone who knows me knows that I am the biggest chicken on earth when it comes to confrontation, except when it comes to my kids’ welfare…then I really can be brave and not a big fat crybaby – or at least a really brave big fat crybaby).

So yay for us! I sent our dossier documents off the courrier service on Tuesday, and will be sending in our non-legal stuff (like family pics), along with the first part of our country fee, to our adoption agency in the next couple of days. ICW seems to think that if we can get the dossier all legalized and finished in the next few weeks, then it can get logged in at the IAD before our documents start to expire in late October. Oh, and our agency will be sending our home study off to the Vietnamese consulate in San Francisco after it gets verified by the TX Sec of State.

I also asked him a bunch of questions about adoption timelines, etc. Our agency currently works in 2 provinces, one mostly giving referrals of older children, one mostly giving referrals of infants. They are working on an aggreement with a third province. Right now our agency has 8 dossiers in Vietnam, and ICW estimated about 10 families in about the same stage of the process as us (dossier preparation). Right now referrals are running 2-4 months, but he estimated that soon the referral times would be nearing and passing the 4 month wait time. For the referrals that come from the northern province (the one giving mostly infant referrals), time from referral to travel is about 1 month. So… hopefully we can get the dossier done quickly (although its pretty much out of our hands now), and maybe early next spring we could be traveling? That would be my best guess. All but 2 families who are dossier-ready are requesting girls, which just completely continues to stun me, but again, I don’t feel like I can pass jugdement on anyone for requesting gender, since we’re asking for a girl. ICW did say that the chances are slim to none of us getting siblings at this time. That’s probably for the best, although it means that we’ll likely be doing this all again a couple of years down the road.

So that’s the word on the street, people. If there’s anyone out there from Vietnam adoption world, please don’t flame me for our agency’s short referral times. We are working with an agency that is licensed in Vietnam, that doesn’t umbrella with anyone, and that is on the Adoption Agency Research board’s list of recommended agencies for Vietnam. I really did a lot of research on this, folks, and feel as though our agency is completely ethical. And after the adoption is all said and done, I’ll publically come out with who we’re working with. No gag clauses were in our contract…I’m just not comfortable with saying who we are working with while the process is ongoing (mostly so that I can complain when things don’t go exactly as I would like without any repercussions). 


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