I’m pretty grumpy today. Nothing totally bad has happened, but a series of annoying things have occurred that have put me in a pretty bad mood.

First, even though England has this great grant program that pays for preschool for kids when they turn 3, we’ll evidently still be paying out the whazoo for O’s preschool. It’s actually not that much in dollars, but in pounds it kinda is. And actually it’s not even that much for just O. The problem is that we want to start Y at the same school when he turns 18 months for 2 mornings a week. We figured we’d be able to swing it because O’s tution would be almost free. Think again. My calculations could be wrong, but I think we’d be looking at close to 250 – 300 pounds per month ($500-600). And O only goes 3 mornings a week. Hunky doesn’t know about this yet, and I’m pretty sure that his response is going to be along the lines of “well, if you want to send both of them to preschool, you should go back to work.” And they are hiring a veterinarian on the base. But here’s the thing: the whole reason I would like for both of my children to go to preschool is so that at least 1 morning a week, I could have a break. Working doesn’t really qualify as a break in my book. Going back to work is something that deserves a post all its own, and I don’t want to get into it now. Stupid England – why does everything have to be so expensive here?

The second thing is that I’ve been waiting on some bloodwork results for exactly 4 weeks now. Not exactly efficient service. Stupid military healthcare.

The third thing (and this really chaps my hide) is that our dossier is pretty much ready to go. We only need to fill out the application, which has a couple of questions on it that I would like some guidance on, like what is our permanent address (you’d think that one would be an easy one for most people, but we have 2 addresses over here, our military one and our home address) and what is our contact address? What health characteristics would we like our adopted child to have? What authority gave Hunky his passport (what, The US government, The Dept of State, The Dept of Homeland Security – who knows? Mine says The Dept of State for issuing authority, his says New Orleans). I could take a guess at all of these questions, but since this is the application we are submitting to the Vietnamese government, I’d like all of our answers to be right. So I’d appreciate some guidance from our agency’s Vietnamese program director, but when I call he’s not in, and they refer me back to our social worker, who is probably a very nice person, but who annoys the crap out of me at times, and who doesn’t know answers about Vietnam, because he is in charge of the home study portion of the process. More about this to follow. It irritates me that I have never spoken to the program director for the country that we are adopting from.

Now, the thing I am most frustrated about: we have to send in our homestudy with our dossier. It has to be notarized, verified, authenticated just like most everything else. 3 originals of our homestudy exist. We have one, which is supposed to stay in our files. One was sent to the Embassy in London so we could get our US govt approval. One is at our adoption agency. When they sent the homestudy to us, the letter says that the copy they possess is awaiting legalization to be included in our dossier. So…our social worker (aka, ASW) knew that all we were waiting for a month ago was the home study and the I-171H to complete our dossier (except for that application, but it doesn’t need to be notarized, so it’ll literally take a few minutes to finish). You’d think that when he sent us the home study, he’d go ahead and send off our home study to the Texas Sec of State, which is who has to verify this document, before it gets sent to the Vietnamese consulate or embassy. Instead, when I call to inquire about the legalization status of our home study, I find that nothing has been done with it. Ok, deep breaths. We are sending the rest of our stuff to a courier service in the DC area so they can walk our stuff through the US State Dept and then drop it off at the Vietnamese Embassy. We have to have a money order to pay the embassy. They charge by the document. So I ask ASW if he will be sending our home study to the courier service after its been verified. He says he may just be able to send it to the Consulate in San Francisco with a bunch of other documents, but he needs to check. I ask him to get back to me with his answer. This was on Wednesday afternoon. Its now Friday afternoon, and I can’t send out our stupid dossier until I know how much to get the money order for. RRRRARRRRR!!! This $%^& bothers me beyond belief. I don’t really care if the home study goes to DC or San Fran, just let me freaking know so we can GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD BEFORE OUR DOCUMENTS START TO EXPIRE! Stupid ASW.

The last thing is, I miss my husband. Come home hunky.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Oh, one last thing to bitch about…I ordered some cute rain shoes from Lands End, and they came earlier this week – and they are about a mile too big, so they have to go back, but I have no box to send them back in. Stupid Lands End.

The bright side – my friend N’s daughter turns 2 today. Happy birthday A! And happy 30th birthday tomorrow for N!



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2 responses to “grumpy

  1. Beth

    Hope you’re having a better day. That definitely sounds frustrating. Had a good time at N’s birthday. We missed you!!!

  2. britta

    OOOHHH I so miss you all. The movers are coming Tuesday off to CLovis! I thought about your kids today at D’s b-day party. It was so huge and I thought about how we all met and it wasn’t so big and just as our friendships grew, so did our group. And then the playgroup Nazi’s split us……..
    I cry at the thought of having to leave the support system here, Now I really know what you went through…

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