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This post was inspired by my friend Jeannie’s comment on a recent post, concerning my tv choices, and how they were…ummm…not so great. I have to mount a defense, and that defense is….I don’t live in America, people 🙂 . While I would love to watch Project Runway, Top Chef (those being my favorite shows in the US), Lost, Friday Night Lights, Big Love, Ugly Betty, The Office, etc, these darn English tv companies aren’t really that cooperative when it comes to showing new American shows. Now I exaggerate just a little, because I have seen advertisements for Ugly Betty on billboards, so I figure its on somewhere, and they have shown season 1 of Top Chef. They do have this season of House (although I didn’t figure that out until last week, so I’ve missed all but the last 2 episodes of the season). And they do have reruns of Scrubs, which I think is the funniest show that has ever been made. They also have reruns of Grey’s Anatomy, but I figure we’ll buy the season set when it comes out. Here’s the rundown on what we dvr:

House, Scrubs, Laguna Beach, The Hills (I know, I know, but those MTV reality shows are soo addictive, and I only wish MTV europe showed Road Rules/Real World Challenges, ’cause I’d be all over that, too), Handy Manny and Backyardagains (for the kids, obviously), Everybody Loves Raymond, and Law and Order (for Hunky, although why we bother I have no idea, because just like America, there is always a Law and Order or CSI on).

So I know I watch some crap, but sometimes crap is all I have to choose from. There are specific American stations here, like ABC1 and Paramount comedy that show only American shows, but apart from a few watchable shows, its all Hope and Faith, Dharma and Greg, Will and Grace, 8 Simple Rules, Friends, King of Queens, etc. Not all bad, but not really new or cutting edge comedy (who hasn’t seen every episode of Friends 5 times already?).

The TV thought I leave you with is that when we chose our cable package here, I specifically chose a certain one because it had Bravo on it. “Ooooh Bravo!” I thought, “Yay!”. Turns out that Bravo here is subtitled television for men. Its like bizarro world Bravo, which in America I think of as television for gay men and smart women too.

BTW, Jeannie, I do love the fact that you read and comment on my blog! And I miss you too – you and J must come visit! I bet you a million dollars its cooler here than where you are right now (temperature-wise, I mean).



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2 responses to “must see tv

  1. Um, those are all my favorite shows. When I lived in Italy my aunt used to tape hours and hours of primetime TV and mail the tapes to us, but this is the age of the INTERNET. Hello! You must mix yourself a drink and get down to watching Ugly Betty on your computer. (Or fly over to my house, whichever you like.)

  2. Jeannie

    Exactly! Use the internet, and if that doesn’t work, you have to just pretend those shows are not on tv. That is so sad. Stupidhead England 🙂

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