home alone…for real

Hunky left on his latest trip today. Yuck. The first few days are always the hardest, then you just get into a routine and go with it. But the kids have been really good today, even with totally bad weather outside. I heard on a radio show this morning the following jingle : the weather here in england is like a dirty nappy – its not much fun to look at and its dark and brown and crappy. Hee hee – I thought that was pretty clever – it was even better set to music.

Anyhow, I promise someday I will upload pictures of Grandma and Grandpa’s visit. I was actually hoping that Hunky would write that post before he left, but like vacuuming the house, putting stuff in the attic, and ordering me a tire, some things were left undone. Its ok, Hunky, I forgive you. But I’m sure there are people out there in the world reading this blog, wondering what you think about all the stuff that goes on in our life. Especially your family…and your friends. Do you feel bad now? Bad enough to start blogging? You’ve got your own category over there just sitting there waiting for you.

I do have to brag on The Hunk for a second – he found out a couple of days ago that he’s getting a DP for his Major boards – which means that he should get promoted. Yay! Maybe we’ll have to change his blogworld name to Major Hunk. Too stupid?? Perhaps yes. Of course it will be a long, long while before I can call him Major anything, since it takes about a year from the time that you find out that you will get promoted till when you actually become a Major, with all the added benefits.

Ta ta, ya’ll – I’m off to watch all the totally trashy shows The Hunk makes me wait until he’s gone to watch…Laguna Beach, here I come! BTW, I love our DVR, as my friend Jeannie predicted. It is awesome.

But before I go, I wanted to explain something for those not in adoptionland. Jeannie’s comment a few days ago on one of my adoption-related posts made me think (but not want to slap her upside the head, as she feared, although she knows I have a violent side). Maybe people think that all these hoops we’re jumping through are because we live overseas. Au contraire, people – everyone adopting from Vietnam is jumping through these same flaming hoops, everyone adopting under the US system, that is. And I do believe that other countries are even worse, with a much, much longer timeline. The only thing we’ve done different so far is the dreaded Enhanced Disclosure, which is kind of like a FBI check, local police check, child abuse clearance all-in-one deal for the UK. Otherwise, everything has been the same as someone living in the US would do, it just takes longer for stuff to get back and forth to the US from here (sometimes much, much longer). We sent our I-600A to the US embassy in London, but people in the US would have to send theirs to their local USCIS office. And we will send our stuff to the US State Department for verification, but people in the US would have to send theirs to their Secretary of State. Everyone then will send their stuff to the Vietnamese Consulate or Embassy for authentification. Clear as mud, right?


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One response to “home alone…for real

  1. Jeannie

    My report card:

    Tivo: yay! A+
    Adoption procedures: blegh D-
    Laguna Beach: um, I love bad shows, but this one is seriously too bad for me. F

    You should Tivo: Ugly Betty, Friday Night Lights, Lost, The Office, Mad Men, Grey’s Anatomy, and if you have HBO, Big Love. So You Think You Can Dance, THE.BEST.SHOW.EVER! is already over, so you might have missed that one. Oh, the second best show ever, Project Runway, is starting soon. Yes, I watch waaaay too much tv. But really, all those shows are really good.

    Congrats to Hunky! That is awesome. And I am sorry you are home alone, but really, you’ve got some tv watching to do, so get to it 🙂

    Love you! Miss you tons — wish I could come visit.

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