home alone

Sorry I’ve been absent this week – we have been crazy busy. And the kids and I aren’t all alone…yet. That’ll come later on this week. But Hunky’s parents left today, marking the end of our summer-o-fun. We did have a blast while Hunky’s ‘rents were here, although by Friday night, I think everyone was completely wiped out, especially the kids. A and D, when you read this, thank you so much for a fabulous week! And the kids miss Grandma and Grandpa already. Anyway, I’ll have to give ya’ll a rundown on all we did this past week, but that’ll have to wait for another night, when I can add pictures.

Other events that occurred this week included our computer crashing (but Hunky’s mad computer skills saved the day, and our hard drive from the brink of death), me having yet another doctor’s appointment, the sending off of our agency fee, and……..(drum roll please)…….the arrival of our I-171H!

For those that need a refresher, the I-171H is basically the form from the US government giving us permission to adopt an orphan (or orphans). So now, as soon as our agency can fill me in on how to fill out the Vietnamese adoption request form, and we get all those forms notarized, then we can send off our stuff to the US State department, and from there to the Vietnamese embassy in DC. Then it’ll come back to us, we’ll add the stuff that didn’t need gov’t authentification, and send it to our adoption agency. Then they’ll get it translated and sent to Vietnam. And then we wait for a referral(s).

I am so glad that the form came today, since I’m pretty sure Hunky has to sign it and that would be hard to do while he’s not home. I had just been thinking that it would really suck to get the form the day after he left, and be held up for 2 weeks (at least) waiting for him to come back. And then, before I could even start to stress about it, it came! Thank you Jesus. And I am also pretty impressed with the fact that the embassy only took 2 1/2 weeks once they had all of our stuff in. Again, thank you Jesus (and embassy workers).

The only strange thing about our form is that it doesn’t specify how many orphans we are approved to adopt, or their age ranges. It seems like I’ve heard other people talk about how their form approved them for 1 child, ages 6-12 months, for example. So I’ll be asking our agency about that one on Monday.

Maybe there is one other strange thing about this form. We paid $545 for this approval letter, and it comes on a thin sheet of white copy paper, all black and white, with no raised seal or anything. hmmph. It seems like for that amount of money, it should really have holograms or something on it and be printed with ink made of gold on heavy-duty paper. I’m pretty sure that someone (not me, of course) could pretty easily make one of these babies up at home.

I hope everyone out there is having a good weekend! D and A, I hope you had a good flight back home. Anyone else interested in visiting? Please?


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One response to “home alone

  1. Jeannie

    Mother of pearl this adoption stuff is exhausting! You must have such patience to deal with it all. I am glad it is moving along, though. Maybe you should have done this while living in the US? Excuse me while I duck to try and miss you hitting me upside the head 🙂

    OK, can’t wait for pictures!! Need lots and lots of pictures. We miss you!

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