full steam ahead

Hunky’s parents arrived yesterday morning – they’ll be spending a week with us. A week that is sure to be packed with trips to London, Cambridge, and other fun places. And a week in which Hunky and I might just go out on another date! Also another week in which others will be helping to care for my children – always a welcome prospect. The only bad news is that a few short days after they leave, The Hunk will be leaving too for a couple of weeks, with no visitors in sight 😦 . Of course, our friends T and C will visit for a few days in October, but that seems like a really long time from now. Oh well…I’m just going to try to enjoy the time we have with family now, and not think about the chasm of loneliness that will open up before me in just a few short days. Just kidding, although I think that if I had the choice, we would have visitors all the time. It forces us to do fun stuff, whereas when its just us, we are a lot more likely to think “oh, we have lots of time to go and see whatever, so lets just hang out at the house this weekend”. So if anyone wants to come and visit beautiful England, you have a place to stay with us – we only ask that you wake up in the morning with the kids, and change a few poopy diapers. Oh, and it was even really warm outside today!

On to other topics: first, a big shout out (how old am I again?) to my friend N, who found out on Thursday that she is having a little boy baby! N, you have no idea how much fun you are in for…although I have heard that if you have girls and then a boy, you will invariably wonder if that boy is …. ummm… perhaps touched in the head? Luckily, I have boys and no girls, ’cause I don’t need another thing to worry about. And I certainly don’t think that boys are less intelligent than girls (my husband, for instance, is much smarter than me), but I could see how a thought like this would cross people’s minds, especially when O is playing with girls his own age. I happen to think that my son is pretty bright, but….oh, I don’t know how to explain what I’m thinking, and I think I’m just digging my self a deeper and deeper hole here, so I’ll shut up about this topic. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS, N AND A!

Second, I’ve added a new great stuff link – Mountain Buggy Strollers. We have the urban double, and it is a great stroller – worth the money, I think (although we bought ours right around the time that the next year’s model was coming out, saving about $150). I only wish 2 things: that I could have gotten that super cute green Russian themed print they have out now, and that we could afford to also have the urban single. Alas, it is not to be. But if you need a double stoller, or a single stroller, I think its worth saving up for. However, over here, it seems like everybody and their mother has a Maclaren.

Third, tomorrow will be 2 weeks since our I-600A application has been at the US Embassy. Remember, that was the estimate of the man I spoke to at the Embassy a few months ago, so we’ll see how accurate he turns out to be. We’ll also be sending in our agency fee tomorrow, in the form of 6 $1000 money orders, along with the agency contract. Apparently we won the guy at the post office on base some prize, as they have a monthly contest to see who can sell the highest dollar amount in money orders. As a friend of ours pointed out, it can’t be that exciting working at the post office on base. Just wait till we have to pay the country fee – we’ll be making some postal worker very happy.


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