another great etsy seller

My friend S turned me on to another great etsy site, Monsters by Nissalisa. The link is under the great stuff section – ya’ll must check this out! These monsters are soooo cool…I really want a few shirts for myself! The kids stuff is kinda pricey, but its hard to pass up. Plus you can send her shirts you already have and she’ll stitch a monster onto them for $20.00. What I really love are the personalized blankets with the monsters on them. Of course, I am a loyal blanket purchaser, but I’m wondering if I can send her the blue/blue one we have (made for O, but used for Y’s backup  “B” or blanket) and get her to put a monster on it? I guess the real question is, would Y appreciate this, because my son is seriously attached to his “B”s, and may not like them being altered in any way. If you haven’t yet checked out snugglebugblankets, that link is to the right as well – they are awesome, and hold up really well wash after wash after wash. The hats are precious too!

In other news, the kids and my new passports are at the base! So that only took about 5 1/2 weeks – not bad for renewals nowadays. And now I can leave the country for fun!


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