the bright side

My mom left England today. Which sucks big time. But a few things happened to improve what is otherwise a very sad day:

My new purse arrived from REI – days before expected!

O and Y received a b-day package from our friends in Florida, N and B, and their kids. You guys rock – we especially love the t-shirts and the monster book! Oh, and we’ve already broken in the Bob the Builder DVD. Thank you so much (actual thank you cards to follow shortly).

A friend of mine here, S, gave me some very very cute hand-me-downs from her girls. We are talking seriously cute baby clothes people. Now we just need a baby to put them on!

And last and best, I found out that my friend B is pregnant with her second child. Super-yay!!! Congratulations B!!!! I promise that I will email you tomorrow – I know I’m in trouble.

And N in Florida, if you’re reading this, good luck tomorrow at the ultrasound institute. Here’s hoping that baby will show ya’ll the goods!

So, overall, not a terrible, horrible, no-good, rotten, very bad day…But I still miss my mom.


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