leaving on a jet plane

Don’t you just love that song? I never get to use it in reference to The Hunk, because he flys a different kind of plane (a much cooler kind of plane with propellers and everything), but it applies here because my mom is going back to America tomorrow. Which really really sucks. Hunky and I have been plotting over the last few weeks, in hopes of coming up with a way to keep her here with us, but alas…we can’t afford to pay her as much as she makes at her real job (a special ed teacher), and I think my dad is ready for her to come home. But I really really really want her to stay. And so do the boys (including The Hunk). Here’s why:

The Hunk has maybe changed 2 diapers since the beginning of June. He hasn’t gotten up with the kids since then either. He has eaten many delicious home-cooked meals. His wonderful wife hasn’t been quite so, ummm, maybe bitchy is the word I want, during his many TDYs this summer. He has gotten to take his wife out on a date, even! The list of benefits goes on and on.

And the boys…where do I even start? O started to cry tonight at dinner when we told him his Berd was leaving tomorrow. She plays superhero with him, she reads extra stories at bedtime, she buys him a superhero mask, she hardly ever makes him go to the naughty chair, etc, etc. And I think Y will miss his Berd most of all. She gives him his cup of milk at naptime and bedtime. She reads him the same story again and again and again and….again. She rocks him way past the time I would have put him in his crib. She changes his diapers. She gets up with him in the mornings. They really do have a special bond. O has always been more of a mama’s boy, and is just now, in the past year, started to really prefer The Hunk at times to me. But Y’s favorite person is my mom. He’s just now started to try to say something like her name (BAAAAAA!!!!!! at the top of his lungs). And he will be heartbroken tomorrow when his Berd is gone.

As will I, because I love my mom. Not only for all the things that she does that make my life easier, but because she is such a fun person to have around, but will also back off if you need some space (which is me alot). Because I know she loves me even though I can be a real jerk sometimes. Because I can cry around her and not feel weird about it afterwards. And for a million other reasons.

So mom, if you’re reading this, I hope you have had a good summer. If it were up to us, we’d just have you and your million pairs of shoes move right in. I will miss you so much…and I will miss sleeping until 9 every morning alot too.


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