a tiny update

At long last, our completed homestudy is in our hands, and according to FedEx, a copy also made it to the embassy in London. Yay FedEx!

Next step is us receiving our I-171H from the embassy. Hopefully they’ll be quick.

Also now is the time for us to start shelling out the big bucks in agency fees. Yikes!

Last but not least, The Hunk is supposed to arrive home tonight! I lent his car to a family from our bible study group while he’s been gone, so hopefully they returned it to the right parking lot so he can actually drive home.



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2 responses to “a tiny update

  1. Beth

    Hey if you get this, send me an email and catch me up. Love the pics of the boys. Let me know about the superhero cap from Etsy…

    Are you guys getting affected by the rains in England???

  2. Beth

    OH!! Have you read book 7?????

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