Update on the adoption front and Damn the Man

Did I tell ya’ll that our homestudy is actually on its way to us and USCIS? By FedEx? AND I have the tracking numbers? AND that BSW actually called (on the phone, even) to check on how we were doing the other day? In a matter of mere days, the ball will be totally in USCIS London’s court, and I’ll be trying my very best to wait patiently. Just like I’ve been waiting about a month to get my and the kids’ passports back from the London Embassy. If you’re reading this, nice embassy official, you know how nicely I’ve been waiting. Can we pretty please have our passports back so we can maybe go to Ireland next month?

The other new thing is that we will be getting a DVR box next week. I know everyone else in the known universe already has one, but we don’t, ok? But we will! And the sad thing is that I really don’t care that much about having one, but our regular cable box is broken, and Virgin Media can have someone out here to install a new DVR box sooner than they can come fix the one we already have (surprise, surprise). And if anyone from Virgin Media is reading, I think your tech support leaves something to be desired. But I am sorry I lost my temper last night after being on hold for over an hour and talking to 4 different people (none of whom spoke English extremely well), none of whom was able to help me in any way. Itwas probably not the poor outsourced employees’ faults that all they could tell me to do was to unplug my box and then plug it back in, or that they apparently don’t understand how to transfer a call without putting the customer back to the beginning of the phone menu. I blame The Man at Virgin Media, not the little people. So, little people, sorry I became so angry. Damn The Man!

Of course, in typical instant gratification fashion, I will now be rewarding The Man by purchasing a DVR box for 100 pounds in an effort to get our cable working sooner rather than later. I know, I know. But now that I no longer smoke, I need the tv after the kids go to bed. I need an activity that is not compatable with going outside to smoke, so books are out for right now (because those who know me know that my favorite me-time activity in the whole world is to sit down with a good book, a fountain drink mountain dew, and a pack of Marlboro Lights). Mountain dew is out (after a fun-filled summer of cavity fillings last year), the cigs are out, so to complete the triad, I’m now only reading in bed. So the DVR price tag is worth it, right? Its really for my health. Hunky, are you buying this line of reasoning?


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One response to “Update on the adoption front and Damn the Man

  1. What about wine in place of mountain dew?

    Where in Ireland are you going? HOpe the passports get back soon! Totally cute pics of the kids, love those capes!

    And we are veggie tales fans too…

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