my heroes and naughty boys

some pics to enjoy:



these pics were taken the day before O’s best friend in England, E, presented him with a superhero cape with his initial sewn on the back for his birthday. For OPSEC reasons, I can’t show the cape, but it is awesome, and E’s mom said it only cost $11. I know she got it from Etsy, but I don’t know which seller. I have to find out though, to purchase back-up capes for O, as well as a couple for Y, because O does not take his off…ever (well, ok, maybe for baths, but that’s it). When I find out, I’ll pass that along, ’cause if you have a budding superhero girl or boy, these capes are a must! Anyhow, the ones in the pics are O’s security blankets (his “B”s).

super-o and super-y save the day from the evil Parks

Parks pleads with me to end the humiliation, but is, as always, a good sport

O’s current favorite superhero is Larry Boy from the Veggie Tales people. The above was O’s approximation of Larry Boy’s outfit. We are trying really hard to convince him that he really does not need to put toilet plungers on his ears, like Larry Boy has. Thanks a million, Veggie Tales. Actually, thank you really Veggie Tales people, for creating a hero that I’m ok with my 3 year old watching and imitating (sans plungers).

Looking back over these pictures, it strikes me that for some reason, Y looks less like a superhero to me, and more like a frat boy halfway dressed for a toga party. O does make me think of a superhero, although one with a faintly Jimmy Buffet-ish air.

Almost forgot the naughty chair pics!  So both kids are sitting in the naughty chair for hitting – each other of course. And the only reason O isn’t wearing the cape is because he’s in trouble.

Do they look repentant to ya’ll?


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One response to “my heroes and naughty boys

  1. Jeannie

    First, those pictures are awesome!! Parks made me LOL in both of his pictures, and the boys are SO FRIGGIN CUTE in their capes!

    Second, you are gonna LUV LUV LUV your DVR. I swear, it seems like an unnecessary luxury, but really, it is such a time saver. If you are going to watch tv, who needs the commercials? If you want to watch a show, you can watch it whenever you want! I swear, I could do an infomercial for TIVO, I really could.

    Third, YAY! that you stopped smoking. You are seriously impressing me, Ren. I admire you and all of the things you are doing with your life!!

    Miss you tons.

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