happy birthday mom (and a prayer request)

Today is my mom’s birthday, and guess what she’s doing right now? She’s taken the kids to the market in the stroller so I could have some time to myself. How great is she? I LOVE MY MOM!

For her birthday, the plan is to take her to London to see Wicked! when The Hunk gets home and can watch the kids. Of course, this will be yet another treat for me too, because I loved the book and have never seen a “show” before.

On a sad note, only 10 more days until mom returns to Mississippi. I don’t know what I’m going to do without her really. Hunky had better plan on not going out of town for a while so I can ease back into taking care of my children again. You hear that, Hunky? Of course, I think it would be no problem to care for them all by myself if they would sleep until 9:30 every morning, take a 2 hour afternoon nap, and still go to bed by 7:30. You hear that, kids?

On another note, some of you may know that I haven’t really been feeling that great since, say, April. Its probably stress and all in my head, but what stresses me out is not knowing for sure, and worrying that I’m dying of some horrible disease even when I know intellectually I’m probably not. So…I’ve really hesitated writing about this ’cause it probably is nothing more than stress, but then I feel dishonest holding back what feels like a large part of what I’m going through in my life right now. So if you pray, could you please pray for me – that God would heal both my body and my mind, and to help me to trust Him more, and not to worry so much (for those of you who know me in real life, I can hear you laughing, you know, when I talk about me not worrying)? I would really really appreciate it. I could tell you what I think is behind all this stress and worry, but then those of you who don’t know me, and those of you who aren’t Christians would really think I was off the deep end, and I think I’ll let you get to know me better before pushing you into making a rash judgement like that, hmmmm?

Superhero pics will have to wait for another day…. stay tuned!

A note to The Hunk – I miss you BIG TIME! (are you reading this?)


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