My biggest boy

I was in labor for 40-odd hours with O, pushing for over 3 of those hours. When he finally popped out (waaayyy after the epidural wore off), he had to be ventilated and then rushed off to be X-rayed to make sure he didn’t have a pneumothorax. The kid’s 1 minute apgar was 3. Out of a possible 10. But he is stubborn, and always has been, and he was fine. And of course, we had been in love with him for 30-some weeks already. It wasn’t the first time he has had his mama panicking (and as close as The Hunk ever comes to panicking, which is a long, long way from what I consider panic).

When I was 34 weeks pregnant, a doctor told me that I had rubella titers that had risen during my pregnancy. You know, German measles, the disease that can cause all sorts of problems for babies in utero. That was probably the first panic, and also maybe the first lesson I had ever really had in trying to trust God, ’cause it had been pretty easy sailing for me so far. And God took care of him, as he has every day subsequently.

We had it pretty easy with O (although we did have other bumps in the road involving 2 miscarriages and my pregnancy with Y….but this is O’s story) until this past Thanksgiving, when I noticed a lump on his back. Despite assurances from his pediatrician that it was probably nothing, I went into full-fledged panic-mode, where for months we (okay, mostly me) obsessively checked his back every day, made endless trips to the doctor, had blood and X-rays taken, and I literally felt like I couldn’t breathe. Because despite our ped doc saying he thought it was nothing to worry about, he had no idea what it was. We finally saw an pediatric oncologist in February, and he felt like it was a benign growth. Again, The Lord was watching over our boy. And I really learned during that time to be grateful for every blessing in our life, especially our children. And that what I thought was really crappy (like living in England, far away from my friends and family and cool job), was really not that important after all.

O is the greatest kid. He is by no means perfect, but he is pretty wonderful. It really is a joy to watch him grow and observe what comes out of his mouth. Although the past year has brought the onset of real defiance, it has also brought the onset of make-believe. It has been a year in which he has started telling us that he loves us without us saying it first. It has been a year in which he has started preschool. It has been a year in which he learned to use the potty (yay!) ! It has been a year in which the word ‘why’ has been utterred millions of times. It has been the year of Super-O! It has been a year in which every day I have thanked the Lord for this precious boy.

I can’t remember what life was like before O. How dull it must have been!

Some pics from his b-day:

O demonstrating good OPSEC by covering his name with sprinkles

I wish I could post a pic of the unsprinkled cake, because my mom made it, it was shaped like a rocket ship, and it was pretty friggin awesome. You’ll have to use your imaginations.

O not so much smiling at the camera as looking at his goofy mama

I’m pretty sure he’s wondering here why I always take my glasses off for pictures.

O monkeying around with his Berd (my mama)

Mom will probably kill me for putting that pic on, but I like it, although I have to say that those aren’t cavities in his back teeth so much as chocolate frosting. But the amount of frosting on that cake will probably lead to cavities in said teeth anyway.

That’s it, folks. I wish I could put in words how much I love my sons, but I don’t think we humans make words for that kind of love. Please Jesus continue to bless my boys.


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One response to “My biggest boy

  1. Jeannie

    Sooooo sweet!! I love all the pictures. And I’m so glad to hear some progress has been made on the adoption. Or, at least, you heard back from someone.

    Love the names for you and hubby! (I almost typed his name there, goofball that I am)

    Such good news about O. What a lovely post. I miss you guys!

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