a quick update

On the adoption front – BSW wrote back…finally! Apparently she’s been out of town and has had broadband problems, so now I feel sort of bad for ranting about her not writing back faster. Bad ren (as I slap myself on the wrist)! And she apologised for using a mail service who’s service sucks so bad. Which brings us to the bad news – our signature pages STILL have not made it back to Texas yet. Tomorrow will make it 3 weeks since those puppies were mailed from England. BSW told us that she was trying to make it cheaper for us by not sending it DHL. I assume by that statement she means that she would be billing the adoption agency for the mailing, who would then pass those costs on to us. However, we are already paying $500 more than an American living in America for what I assume are costs such as these, so bring on the overnight shipping! Of course, to give BSW the benefit of the doubt, she probably doesn’t realize what we’re paying the adoption agency. Anyhow, on to the good news, which is that she thinks our enhanced disclosure notarizations will be good. Yayyyyy!!!!

Other news: Y is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to get the tubes. So of course he woke up with a cold about 5 days ago. The hospital told us to come in tomorrow and they’ll listen to his chest, and make the decision then. I’m thinking it’s not gonna happen, mostly because unless they are absolutely sure that his congestion will not cause complications, I will not be allowing my baby to be put under anesthesia. Although I have to say that I have spayed cats (an open abdominal procedure) that were less than 6 months old with horrible upper respiratory infections at the animal shelter (because they will have horrible URIs as long as they are at the animal shelter, and they can’t get adopted til they’re spayed or neutered), and never had one do badly after that, but then, those kittens aren’t my son. And while I would have felt terrible if anything had happened to any of those cats, it wouldn’t have been the end of my world. Something happening to O or Y would, in fact, be the end of my world. So we’ll see what anesthesia has to say. Oh, and Y has learned to get back to his feet after falling without having to crawl over to the wall or whatever to pull himself back up. His crawling days are now completely over, I’m kinda sad to say. But the kid is such a cute walker, it eases the pain.

The only other thing going on is that O turned 3 this weekend! I have pics from our low key day (we’ll do the party when Hunky gets back in town) and the great cake my mom whipped up, but they won’t be downloaded tonight. That boy deserves a post of his own, and I’ll post them then.

Ta, ta, ya’ll and I love you, Hunky! (I hope your friends are loving the new nickname, hee, hee!)


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