still waiting….and follow-up movie review

Still waiting for a reply from BSW. I really hate that, because after a few days go by without a reply from any email I have sent to anyone, I start to wonder if I actually ever sent the email. Does this happen to anyone else? I can’t figure out how to check and see if I really sent the message or not. I don’t understand why the sent messages don’t have a little time and date stamp on them like received messages do. Maybe its just my email service that doesn’t do this. Or maybe if I actually paid for email service this would be a feature I could possess. I would also love to have some way to check and see if the email I sent had been opened or not. It seems like I used to be able to do this when I was in vet school, back in da day. I wouldn’t use this feature on my friends, I promise! It would only be for adoption purposes – a kind of honesty and efficiency check.

Anyway, as a further note on the Ratat…. movie, O now says that he “didn’t really like the movie very much, ’cause it was scary”. I asked him what about it was scary, and he told me “that lady with the gun and the gas mask, and some of those chefs”. And the kid is right, that lady and some of those chefs were maybe pretty scary. Of course, I asked him if he would like to see it again tonight, and he said “oh yes”. Though this is the popcorn and candy lover in him talking, I’m pretty sure.

Have I mentioned how great it is having my mom here? Its worth saying a million times. Mom’s presence allowed O and I to have a ‘just the 2 of us night’ last night, and we both thought that was pretty cool. Its easy to forget that while Y and I have alone time while O is at preschool, O hardly ever gets ‘only-child’ treatment. I think once they get older, and especially if we add more kids to the bunch, I’ll have to start having date nights with each kid on a regular basis. Of course, The Hunk would say that maybe I should think about instituting a date night with him on a regular basis first. And I would agree totally – the more dates for me, the better! Anyone know a good babysitter in England…who charges American prices?


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