not a bitchy post…really

Just got back from Ratatouille (or spelled something like that). It was cute, although a little more sophisticated than say, Cars or Toy Story, the only 2 other movies O has ever watched the whole way through. He was fascinated by the theatre experience, but didn’t really understand about not asking questions the whole time (although he did whisper). I think its a movie worth seeing, although I would really prefer it if Disney and Pixar would tone down the language in these kid movies (this one did have a statement like “welcome to hell”) and stop using words and phrases like “idiot”, “stupid”, and “shut up”. O is too young to notice, but if he were a couple of years older, it would bother me to no end to hear him calling his brother stupid, or telling him to shut up.

In fact, I say he’s too young to pick up on this stuff, but we were listening to the radio this morning, and O heard someone on the BBC radio 1 morning show say “schizzle my nizzle”, a la snoop dog or something. O thought the phrase was hilarious, and went around repeating it for the rest of the morning. I don’t even know for sure what schizzle my nizzle means, but I have a pretty good idea 🙂 .

Anyway, if scenes involving lots of rats around food don’t make you feel like losing your lunch, it was a cute movie, and more entertaining for adults than Cars, in my opinion.

One last thing…reading back over previous posts, I’ve noticed that I use the word really a lot. ..really… a lot. That’s probably not going to change much, especially when I’m upset, but I do apologize for the overusage.

By the way, still no word from BSW. Rarrrrr!!!


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  1. Jeannie

    At least you know how to spell “a lot.” 🙂

    I heard that movie whose name I can’t spell is wonderful, but I have heard it is really better for adults than for kids. I see your point about “shut up” and “stupid.” I am laughing at the thought of N playing the part of snoop dog 🙂

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